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Saturday, September 24, 2005 

Cannon Fodder

Isn't it amazing that on the eve of what the lefties have been claiming will be the largest protest on Capitol Hill a story would come out that one of our most esteemed and respected Army units, the 82nd Airborne, would have accusations hurled at it by a 'Human Rights Watch'?

From one of the faithful, the Boston Globe *snort*:

Army opens new abuse probe
Soldier says Iraq inmates targeted
By Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press September 24, 2005

WASHINGTON -- The Army has opened an investigation into a Fort Bragg soldier's allegations that he witnessed and heard about widespread prisoner abuse, including torture and a beating with a baseball bat, while serving at a base in Iraq.

Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail Breaking News Alerts The announcement was made yesterday as Human Rights Watch prepared to release a report on three 82d Airborne Division soldiers' accounts of prisoners being beaten, forced to hold 5-gallon jugs of water in their outstretched arms, and denied sleep, food, and water.
Does anyone see a real problem with this? I have a feeling that if I've been in Iraq for the last couple years and have seen friends blown up by those who claim to be good citizens, those who drop IED's along the side of the road to detach my brother's limbs from his body and we had some detainees who may have some knowledge of something... consider that Iraqi's ass kicked.

I'm sick of this constant insinuation that in this current situation (A WAR!) that some heads getting kicked in is something unacceptable. What matters to me that it's OUR guys doing the ass kicking and not our guys being tortured because I'll tell you what, if our enemy had the situation in their favor guess what horrors our Men would have to endure? What side are you really on? There's no middle of the road with this issue.

If I'm out of bounds here and these accusations turn out to be true, guess what, nothing I just said changes.

Besides, anyone who does evil acts on those who are innocent I believe will be brought to justice by his peers. If not his peers, then by God Almighty during Judgement Day.

You know why I believe that? Because those who freely chose to be in one of the groups of elite soldiers are people of a particular caliber. I personally know someone very close to me who was a member of the 82nd Airborne and I consider that man an American Hero. He is also a man of a particular caliber who would not stand to see this happen in his sight because he is a man of high character, morals, and loyalty. The random occurrence of beatings of captured enemy in the theatre of war is going to happen because it's a freaking war... tensions are high, lives are at stake.


The Human Rights Watch report detailed severe, routine beatings of detainees by the 82d Airborne Division.
Who exactly are these 'Human Watch People' really? Are they accountable for the accusations they make? If the accusations are found to be untrue, are sedition charges pressed on them?

The answer is no. These Human Watch people are there to do NOTHING but cast doubt upon the American Public as well as cause embarrassment.

Done no less on an eve of a weekend of supposed record numbers of people to come out and protest the War on Terror. Aren't they so brave.

Even if you are against the War on Terror, can you explain to me how this type of reporting, reacting, irrationality helps a damn thing? Even in your favor? Do you think handcuffing our soldiers as a response is going to make them any safer? No, more arms and legs and heads are going to be blown off because one of those creeps who would have been beaten down is going to explode a homemade/suicide bomb. Is that what you need to continue on your little self righteous escapade to make you feel like you've accomplished something?

Arrrrgghh... this story has gotten me riled up...

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You're not out of bounds at all. Making prisoners very uncomfortable in order to gain intelligence is entirely legal and ethical. Routine beatings is neither - but I will never believe these accusations are true.
Good post, Peakah.

Great post! Could not agree more. Got ya bookmarked.

Maybe 'Human Rights' watch should pay attention to their charter and start watching the rights of humans.

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