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Thursday, September 22, 2005 

Soldiers Shaken by Sights of Spirits

The bay area CBS News affiliate ran a story on National Guard Soldiers bumping into ghosts as they clear out flooded areas of New Orleans. Check out the video clip.

The part of the video of them finding an open Bible on the shoreline where boats were tossed like matchsticks gave me the shivers, particularly the page they found it open on.

A couple days ago GOP and the City posted an article about the Bell Witch that made my forearm hair stand on end.

I've had a few experiences when I was a kid of sensations of the supernatural. One year my step-grandparents were having a family get together on a cold night between the holidays and we were all in the family room flappin our jaws over tea. I was 14 years old.

After everyone else left and we were preparing to leave I went to the coat closet to grab my winter coat to protect me from the -15 degree wind chills outside. Adjacent to the coat closet was a doorway leading to the stairs leading upstairs as well as downstairs to the basement. While I'm standing there a cool rush of air seemed to breath through the door leading to the stairs and I got goosebumps. When my attention was attracted to the doorway leading to those stairs I heard the unmistakable sound of someone slipping and rolling down the stairs from the second floor to the floor I was on and hitting every stair on the way down.

Immediately I thought that Maggie (the live in housekeeper who resided on the third floor) had just bit the dust! I reached inside the dark doorway and flipped on the light and looked down at the base of the ascending stairs. Nothing...

I looked around to my left where the descending stairs where and there was nothing there either. I ran back to the family room where my family began to get up to get ready to leave and told them what I heard and asked if Maggie had gone to bed yet. Just then she walks around the corner with a tray of empty tea cups and asked what I needed.

I told Maggie and my grandparents what I had just heard as they all looked at each other knowingly. My family didn't seem interested and continued on to the coat closet. When they had left the room Janet, my gramma, relayed to me a story of a small girl that they assumed was no older than 3 years old whose death was the result of a nasty fall down the flight of stairs between the second and first floors.

The thick Scottish brogue that they used to relay the story made the goosebumps on my arms seem as if they were attempting to jump off my skin but I wasn't really scared, more sad, and extrememly aware of my surroundings. They told me that now and then on cold winter nights they'll hear that sound and pray that it was the ghost and not little ole Maggie doing some last minute housekeeping.

Every fiber of my being knew that the story was true and I felt so bad for the poor spirit that seemed trapped between here and the next life as well as between the second and first floors of that old enormous house in Upstate NY.

Allright y'all hit me with your stories... I know there's more of them out there. I've been trying to cull a story out of one of my cousins who grew up in the same area, about a UFO encounter that he seems to keep bound to secrecy. Hopefully he'll stop by and finally decide to share it with me!

There's no doubt in my mind that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the fully integrated spiritual realm that we're somewhat (but apparently not always) blinded to.

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Hey, I looked that scripture from the vid up n they got it wrong...

Still, I don't doubt our troops are seeing some creepy things.

Very interesting, thanks. I'll be up all night. Alone. Thanks a whole lot. lol

I fear not. They may be seeing strange things, but I don't believe in the spirit world.

You don't have to believe in it, doesn't mean it's not there!

There's no doubt in my mind that the spirit world exists where they can see us but, in most cases, we cannot see them. It's a bit too humbling for some people to accept but there's too much evidence otherwise to dismiss.

I'm speaking of evidence of a personal nature that I've experienced first hand. Otherwise I probably would feel the same way fitch!

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