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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

"Stuck on Stupid"

(Click on picture to run video of this man putting retards in their place)

Can this guy run for President?? This is who we need to lead, someone who isn't afraid to put dopey one dimensional reporters where they belong.

'Stuck on Stupid'

Is this not the best campaign slogan you've ever heard???

Thanks to The Political Teen for the link/video!

The Gunn Nutt has a list of those 'Stuck on Stupid'.

This could be the phrase of the year.

Buy your 'Stuck on Stupid' gear here... yeah didn't take long eh? Jaden is on the ball!

Hey everyone can take part in the Don't Get Stuck on Stupid bandwagon. LOL... I made some shirts (My HHGTTG ones are there too)

I love this guy! And thanks for the link :)

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