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Friday, October 07, 2005 

No... Blog this!

I've been at kind of a loss lately in the blog o sphere. I love reading the news and opining on it with my twisted perceptions, but really, what am I going to add to a community that has a gazillion others doing the same thing.

I'm tellin' ya, this is some sort of blogging crossroads for me. I think I get more enjoyment out of visiting fellow bloggers in my sidebar than I do posting myself anymore.

Kira, Beth, a4g, Tony, Insol, Gunn, Katey, Jaden, Mensa, Sam, Wyatt, CUG, Damian, Steve, Fitch, The Man, dudes at RHoG, Tyler, Lorraine, Uber, MPH, Basil, and Jon are such fun to check in on everyday and write far more compelling posts and I enjoy commenting on their awesome sites. Plus this is a lazy way to show a lil bit o'linky love... for what it's worth.

Ok, so now what...

I've had this blog for a year at the end of this month and I've yet to post anything really personal as of yet. Perhaps it's been a fear of some psycho tracking me down and threatening my family. All I have to say about that is my kids have been taught to '...aim small... miss small...' so bring it on.

I also feel a bit introspective because I turned 31 a couple days ago and I tend to do an annual inventory of the past year's happenings about this time of year leading me to wonder why the hell do I spend so much time on the computer!

Perhaps it is time for a little self-indulgent display of sharing my personal life? Why not... if you're looking for intelligent commentary on current events, you wouldn't be here to begin with so never mind.

I will self-righteously claim that I blog for these guys. Someday they'll read what I've posted and think... man, my dad was nuts! Nothing says nuts like a conservative blogger who can't keep his thoughts to himself. What I do know is that my kids are going to grow with a strong grasp of American History, World History, and Geo-politics with this historical context as a backdrop. Then I wonder, is it better to know of these things and the doom it portends?

Sometimes I wonder, and my wife and I have had serious conversations about, would it be better to take off and re-plant the family in some remote corner of New Zealand? Should we learn how to live off of the land, re-connect and understand the beauty of God in the obvious and intricate workings of the natural world? With the way work is going we may be able to make something crazy like that happen in the near future.

Naa... that's crazy... that's what Henry David Thoreau's books are for.

Forget that. I'm determined to bring up and raise the next generation of patriots of a country that has an inspired destiny even when being run by uninspired partisans.

Therefore I blog...
(to be continued as I think of reasons to continue this inane diatribe.)

Are your three middle ones triplets? If not, they certainly bear a strong resemblance. I have read many interesting posts on your blog. Just take a rest; then come back to it.

I have a set of fraternal twins that just turned 6, Alex and Brayden. Tyler is going to be 7 in a few weeks.

Close enough to being triplets! They're all in first grade together.

Dylan we had a couple years later and he'll be 4 in Dec. My baby girl Haley will be 3 in Nov.

This time of year is full of birthdays!

Thanks for the kind words...
Just that time o'year I guess.

All linky-love is good linky-love, thanks.

Those sure are some uber-cute reasons to blog.

All hail the pretty Peakah clan. *g*

Your kids are so cute! Your wife must be supermom to have 3 boys so close in age. :0)
My hubby would like to move to New Zealand. I'd like to visit, not sure if I could stand being so far away from my family. As far as moving to get away from current events, God can protect us wherever we are so long as we are in His will.
Love your blog, by the way.


Beautiful family!!!! You and your wife certainly are blessed!

I hope you know by now that you are one of my fave bloggers. I may not always comment when I come here, but I do try to check in at least once a day.

I hear ya though on not having a whole lot to say. The past few days has really been a big challenge for me to post about anything. I just haven't really been in the mood.

Blog when you're ready. Your adoring fans will still come to check daily no matter what. :)

Eh... I think of it this way when I notice my November blogging anniversary coming round: Somewhere, in this big, revolving mass of plants, animals and rock, someone out there understands me. Someone understands my little diatribe I go off on and relates to it. That person knows my fears, my hopes, my dreams and my disappointments all from that one post. And maybe, just maybe, they will make a comment letting me know that I am not alone in the world. That there is at least one other person like me out here.

I am coming up on my 2nd year of blogging (and until Go.com and Disney bought out WBS.net in 2000, I had managed my own personal website since 1995.) I think it's what makes me different. Even if there are millions out here who legitimately
(not just those who use them to spam garbage) blog about chinese food, their stinky cats, their life as a working single mom of 2 kids, or their vow to remain a bachelor the rest of their life... I was doing this before blogging was the cool thing to do. I was posting weekly on my page about nothing, back when you had to manipulate the coding on the web page. For me... it is who I am.

I am one of the first who can remember growing up with a computer in my house. We had a computer that the Naval base in New London, Conn. let my father take home. I remember games like Zork, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or Leather Goddesses of Phoebos (all text thinking games for those of you that never experienced them). When the internet came around, we were the first on board. The internet is an integral part of who I am. I am one of the first who can say that and fully understand what it means to not have it and then be so immersed in it as a kid and now as an adult. And in a small way, I want to show that I am a part of it as well. One day... Maybe I'll be one of the most googled things in the world.

LOL I liked my comment enough that I am stealing it for a post on my blog ;) Thanks for letting me become nostalgic about the internet... when it's too young to be nostalgic about it. :)

Uber: I hear that!

Jo: My wife is totally supermom and super wife! I'm the luckiest guy walking the Earth... keep on stopping by!

Katey: thanks for the sweet words hon. I'm so addicted to blogging despite this lil break that I'd be writing it even if no one checked it.

I think I'll put up one year anniversary posts of when there really was no one reading my site... then you'll know why!

Jaden: you are extremely talented and experienced. Katey's site and my site is proof. I can't imagine all the constant change this medium has gone through over the last several years, particularly the code side of the equation! You really had to keep on your toes to keep up with the constant development on all those fronts. Keep up the good work!

Nothing wrong with feeling nostalgic about even a young medium that ages much quicker than dogs!

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