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Wednesday, September 28, 2005 

Windy Cindy's Skills to pay Bills

The pacifist's cheerleader needs to pay bills too! According to Cyber News Service:
Sheehan said her contract with Speaking Matters, which has not yet disclosed how much an appearance will cost, will help her "finally make some money ...'cause Casey's insurance money's going to run out pretty soon." See Video
The one thing this woman is skilled at is making ignorant statements. Guess her son's gravy train is running low.
One student who supports Sheehan's activism said she thinks "it's admirable that she's not making any money, it shows that her incentives are true."
True incentives does not an admirable woman make, you lemming! I can think of lots of evil people throughout history who had 'True Incentives'... sure as hell didn't make them right!
Megan Hanford, said it makes sense that Sheehan would start charging for appearances. "She can't work while she's traveling the country," Hanford said, "and she's lost any income that her son might have brought her."
Is this why she is so vehemently spewing hatred with her ignorant rhetoric? So she can replace the income her son was providing? Naaa, she's not that smart.

When is this woman going to realize that she is a cheap PR tool for the radical lefties who typically spend millions of dollars to get their messages out on deaf ears? They're now able to pay a little bit of money to get loads of press coverage through this lady.


linked with MVRWC's Letter to Cindy Sheehan

Cindy needs to go the home and get a REAL job and work like the rest of us...

She's gonna get real whiny when her 15 minutes (times a gazzilion) run out and the moonbats dump her for their next "symbol".

You mean she can get more whiny than she is now? If true, it will be very entertaining to see the last few moments, as the MSM nails the coffin lid on. Like a desperate dinosaur treading tar. We will soon hear Cindy on Howard Stern, MTV and the college circuit.

Yeah, she'll be on Stern showing her cans!

Can't Michael Moore-on give her some of his money? How about MoveOn.org?? Al Franken???

Lets see which Gravytrain she decides (or is somehow forced by the evil right wingers) to board...

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