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Sunday, November 13, 2005 

Sinise's Sincerity

Lefties have become so exposed that even with my horrible swing I can easily knock moonbats out of the park. Samantha Burns has a moron of the week that is quite difficult to guess because there are so many to choose from each week!

Tonight I want to highlight a Hollywood type who represents the more common man's intentions.

Gary Sinise has just become one of my favorite actors. (he's always been right up there, but this is the kicker that puts him up there with Mel Gibson)

Drudge just played a clip on his radio show where Gary was interviewed (I've yet to find this on the internet, when I do I'll modify this post) where he expressed his frustration at the mainstream media's unwillingness to report good news from Iraq such as the building and utilization of new schools for the children of Iraq. All the while the mainstream media is all over news of death and setbacks. Where's the context??

He has lately made headlines with his multiple trips over to Iraq and helping to outfit new schools in Iraq with school supplies. See Video from CBS News here.

Visit Operation Iraqi Children here...

Samantha Burns has a story about another real stud of Hollywood, Bruce Willis.

These are high profile Americans doing something instead of whining... refreshing eh?

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Gary Sinise doesn't get enough of anything. He's been this caring for months now and there was only a short, short visit at Fox about his cause. No one else can play Truman either! ;-)

Glad to see he's not just another Hyperventilating Hollyweird Hypocrite. He's an excellent actor into the bargain. I enjoy his character in CSI NY.

The organization you mention is a wonderful group founded by Gary Sinise and the gal that wrote the book Seabiscuit. If you have never read her book, buy it and read it. Although the movie was fun the book was so much more detailed. This was her passion and you can tell with every page.

Gary and Laura (her name is coming to me slowly)have been champions of this organization for a long time and realize that giving our soldiers items to give to the children is what will win hearts and minds for the long term. Opening schools is the goal, so that these children, these champions of our American soldier have a future in a democracy that they helped form.

I have heard Gary on Sean Hannity, Rush, Laura Ingraham, Denis Prager... the talk radio circuit. Support this cause. It's well worthwhile.

Hillenbrand... Laura's last name is Hillenbrand.

You know Bruce Willis belongs up there too. He's offered a million dollars reward for the capture of Bin Laden et al.

Great post about a great american and actor. We need more people like him to stand up and show the rest of the world that not all of hollywood is loony ala Barbara and her stupid no-talent actor husband.

Gary Sinise has been a favorite of mine since I saw him in Of Mice and Men, and then in the television mini-series The Stand.
A perfect Stu Redman if you ask me.

I don't see the next statement as a stretch, but I believe you could call him a modern day Jimmy Stewart. Kind of an "every man" who's not only good, but believable in every one of his roles.

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