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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

No Relation!

This is what I get for searching my last name on Google Video...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Not that I would admit it if there were, but there is

The hat thing is just a coincidence!! I swear!
...who names their boy Vivian? ...no wonder

linked by the Bonfire of the Vanities at Red Guy in a Blue State

The first chance I have this week to surf a bit... then I see this...

Joshua... it was like a train wreck... I couldn't help myself... I had to watch the entire thing...

one word...

ewwww!!! ok... 2 more words...


Oh... and what about the chick? 2 words for her...

haircut...Hello???... very clever... using a bong as a microphone... see that's the kind of creativity ya get when ya smoke the doobage...

What is wrong with people????

Good Lord!

I had to watch the whole thing too... this is your brain in drugs... any questions?

You know that's why you surf!

I am frightened!!!!


OMG... how scary... people should learn to turn OFF the video camera sometimes.

Tag! You're it! I hope you're ready to play!

It's a "meme Christmas"!

What are your five favorite Christmas songs?

Name your song choices and then tag five more buddies. (ya can't tag me or Katey... sorry, she hit me up first this time)

Have fun!

Haha...you gotta admit, it's pretty funny that it's almost always the types that are afraid of soap and water that support the legalization of this stuff.

You have got to be kidding me!!! I couldn't get through the whole thing! WOW! I am almost scared to do my own name!

Peak how could you say that you aren't related to him. He's go your hat on. Sure he added some foilage to it, but it's still your hat.

Wife: be afraid... be very afraid...

Jaden: how that camera survived the fumes from that dirty hippie's breath needs to be investigated. As for the Christmas meme, I'm retired from memes... (they'd all be Harry Conick Jr. songs from his christmas CD anyway, so there!)

Uber: goes to show that lack of hygene may be directly connected to braindamage... or maybe it was the microphone attached to a bong. Too bad they didn't keep the tape rolling as they hit that bong and electrocuted themselves...

IdiotSilas: hmm... that would be cool, but I think that even rob zombie showers...

Ssssteve: Save yourself some time, I think DPT found your home movie here.

DPT: I was wondering what that smell was when one of my 'family' members sent me that hat!

Perhaps it's time to change the profile picture...

I must be getting (dare I say) old...

I couldn't watch past the first minute...

Thanks alot!:) My brother has that whole video. That guy is a major Freak, with a capital F. Spooky.

D Maria: good thing, could'a caught a contact high...

Ssssteve: Hey, that's what friends are for!

Maybe you could change your name.
Maybe you could change his name!
He probably wouldn't notice!

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