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Saturday, December 03, 2005 

Open Bar All Weekend!

I usually do an Open Post on Sunday but this weekend is full of fun and activities.

My wife's birthday is today, we have a National Career Fairs Christmas Party tonight which will be a ton of fun...

not to mention the Hopkins vs Taylor II fight tonight at Mandalay Bay which we will be watching.

Although the Bills and Dolphins season is pretty much over, they do play tomorrow and my boss is a die-hard Dolphins fan. We reserve those two games a season to go out and beat on each other during the game.

Boys will be boys...

Leave a link to this post, trackback ping me, I'll post them below as I get the chance throughout the weekend.

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George at Stuck on Stupid links with: 2005 White House Christmas Card
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Kevin McCullough of radio station WMCA out of New York has a very good idea...

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I'm so absent-minded. I went through this ENTIRE day thinking it was Thursday! I just happened to look at my computer, and saw it was, in fact, Friday. Jeesh.

third world county submits: Finally blogging Saturday: playing catchup
Well, I didn't advertise it as a "free linkpost" as I did with the "real" Open Post on Friday, but there were some interesting links pinged in anyway, so I’ll cut some slack for folks who have trouble with directions.

Adam Graham at Adam's Blog (a GREAT read) submits: ACLU Names New Chairman
Washington-The ACLU named a new chairman today as it enter into its annual "war on small towns with limited budgets" season.

Committees of Correspondence submits: The Rape of the Body Politic
I hate Gerrymandering. The artificial allocation of voting district demographics to fulfill a predetermined political outcome, in my opinion, is nothing more nor something less than the Rape of the Body Politic.

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Cardinal Martini links with: Don't know much about history: II
Rosa Parks is getting a statue in the Capitol Building. This is a terrible idea. ... The system Rosa Parks fought against was racist, discriminatory, evil.

Tel-Chai Nation submits: Suicide bomber attacks Netanya mall
In another blow to Ariel Sharon's credibility, a sucide bomber attacked a shopping mall in Netanya today.

Just another Happy Birthday Mrs. McPeak - - WAIT - these days - who knows what Mrs. McPeak's last name is?!?! Geez - AND - it's probably late! When does this happen again! ANYWAY - Just HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like some investment commercial to me! ;-D

Belated Happy B-day to the Missus from me too!

(I have a good belated excuse- comments have been all screwy) :)

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