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Saturday, November 26, 2005 

Convenient Targets

As found at Bareknuckle Politics via
The Political Teen...

...some disturbing surveillance video of what looks like thugs fresh from a Nation of Islam rally ready to meet out some Islamic 'justice'.
OAKLAND- Abdul Saleh has just one question for the men- suspected by authorities to be Black Muslims- who trashed his corner store late Wednesday, terrorizing his 17-year-old son and another clerk and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

"I don't know why they tried to destroy my life," said Saleh, who has owned San Pablo Market and Liquor in West Oakland since 1986. "We came here for a better living, not to make war with anybody."

About a dozen African-American men wearing suits, white-collared shirts and bow ties- a trademark of the Nation of Islam- entered the store on San Pablo Avenue and West Street about 11:30 p.m.

One went behind the counter and swept dozens of shelved liquor bottles to the floor. Others smashed glass refrigerator doors with long, slim metal pipes, breaking beer and wine bottles inside the cases. The whole incident from start to finish was caught on surveillance tape.
Here is some expert moonbat analysis on whyyyyyyyyy these men are compelled to do what they do...
From Indybay.org:
Wednesday, near midnight, about a dozen or more African-Americans, apparently of Muslim background smashed an alcohol store (owned by a Muslim of Arab background) in Oakland, California.

Before we go about doing our usual round of condemnations - lets take a look at some facts:

1. Oakland has a poverty rate of nearly 20%. However, for the area (near East Oakland) where these two stores were located, this rate is far higher: upwards of 60 to 70%, and the residents are primarily African American and Latino (Mexican and Central American backrounds).

2. Oakland has over 350 liquor stores, and, in some of the poorest areas - there are two or three of these "stores" (call 'em drug pushers) on a single block! This means that the bulk of these stores are located in poor neighborhoods.
Therefore smash away at the Evil Corporate American Empire as personified by immigrant owned convenience stores? huh?

As Mr. Bareknuckle puts it: Problem- They didn't steal anything and those suits don't look cheap, try again.
The Nation of Islam says its members were not involved in a pair of vandalism attacks on Oakland liquor stores that were captured on surveillance video.
They don't even have the guts to admit that they just may be practicing what they preach... Ever heard their loony leader speak?

How about trying to be re-named by this wingnut! I shall be known here on out as: Zuwarah! So, what's your Nation of Islam name?

I feel like a new man,
I think I'll grab a bat and go take out a 7-11...

linked with Samantha Burns, Michelle Malkin, Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

I wonder if the government will finally begin to wise up to the fact that the Nation of Islam and a violently anti-American group of racist sepratists who are rife with the seeds of terrorism.

I wonder, how much longer before they wind up on the terrorist list?


I saw Hashim Nzinga(from the "New Black Panther Party") on Hannity & Colmes speaking for Farrakhan. AAARGH. This guy believes everything from there being a spaceship("Mother wheel") above the earth, to Jews being responsible for 9-11 to the levees in New Orleans being blown up. It's about time these nuts get some scrutiny in the MSM. Basically in my opinion there are 3 steps for the MSM covering left-wing nutcases. The first is to pretend they're just another Jane Doe(like Cindy Sheehan) and hope Americans are too dumb to notice.
The next is completely ignore them. The next is(very rare) to poke fun at them and act like they knew it all along.
Seems like the media is at the Ignore It stage.

Islam is creating little monsters that are beginning to turn on their own, along with the rest of the world. It's like the whole Frankenstein thing. Only worse. And real.

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