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Friday, December 16, 2005 

Perverted Justice Part II

Dateline NBC followed up on a story on internet predators and how the private group Perverted Justice spends time roping in perverts who stalk the internet for sex with the young.

When Perverted Justice did a local sting on internet predators here in Las Vegas, I posted about it in November.

Thanks go Google, I've received more hits in one hour than I usually get in a whole day when Dateline ran their story nationally.

This tells me that the message is spreading. Thank GOD!

Dateline followed up by doing another sting in Virginia and the results were unsettling.

Please take the time to explore the links above and make yourself aware of the dangers present to children who surf online. The threat is real and it is dangerous.

Do Not Underestimate The Clear and Present Danger To Your Children!

Linked by D Maria's Hot Spot

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Peakah- I watched it last night. Truly sickening!! Did you see the ugly naked b@st@rd go to McDonalds the very next day to hook up with a 13 year old boy?!

I was going to post about this in my blog, but it was getting too long winded; yours is much better than mine. How do I trackback and link this thread?! I know I should know how to do this, but I don't. And NO I'm not blonde! ;)

If you put a link to this post in your post I'll find out... no need to trackback... If you wanted to do a trackback, click on the "Trackback" link next to the comment section link and an URL will pop-up. Put that URL into a trackback pinger like Wizbang's (the one I use) and fill out the rest of the fields.

It's more complicated than necessary, you leaving me a comment will point me to your site and I'll link it myself, save ya the trouble. (I can see that you aren't blonde!)

Thanks for the kind words!

That creep who was busted two nights in a row should have his pecker amputated... I loved the reporters reaction when he confronted him at MickyD's!

If y'all don't know what I'm talking about you NEED to see the videos linked above... UNREAL!

Josh, Thank you!! I just linked you. If you can, please, let me know if I did it right. Wizbang's..? What's the web address for that?

When is society going to wake up and realize that these twisted people can't be rehabilitated and implement something that works.

Did you notice that most of the men were after young boys? Yet, some were married.

"If y'all don't know what I'm talking about you NEED to see the videos linked above... UNREAL!" Amen!!

Again, thank you!!

Josh, I thought you might be interested in this: http://www.perverted-justice.com/?pg=peejalert I just added it to my blog.

Excellent work, this is a real important topic. Children are becoming more sexualized, and parents are absent.

D Maria: thanks for spreading the message!

TUB: Thanks for the kind words... I'm so thankful for the people at Perverted Justice and the time they spend busting these creeps.

Great job, Peak.
You might want to check out "Lost in Lima Ohio".
She tracks a lot of this stuff and is very adament about it. It's about %90 of her postings. A good lady...


Thanks for the tip CUG, Her site is awesome!

Peakah, had to come and thank you for the comment, and the trackback. I watched the first Dateline Special with complete horror- even though I was already well aware of the creeps out there.
You may be interested in the work another group is doing, The War Against Nambla, it's mainly hackers, putting their special "talent" to work against the largest pedo ring in the nation.

I've added you to my blogroll.

*** I couldn't go with out thanking UAW Guy- so "thanks"

Peakah: This is a subject that is very difficult for me, but very near and dear to my heart!!

Thank you for the 2 links. I've added them both to my blogroll. I won't be online much for the next 2 weeks, but look forward to reading them daily and helping out in any way possible.

A large number of untrained individuals are taking the law into their own hands by tracking pedophiles down on the net. In my opinion, I feel that this should be best left to law enforcement which specialize in this area.

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