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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

Slackin kinda...

Been slacking on the posting lately. I guess with all the new visits I've been receiving, I'm feeling a bit guilty...


I've been busy with all the birthdays and holiday season festivities as of late... This time of year gets more and more hectic with each passing year. Each passing year with its own magic of new discoveries, new traditions, and the warm reintroduction of traditions passed on.

One thing that hasn't changed, the weasel is still easily amused.

So... I'm off to make some crafty things, cuz they're cheap and the family is huge!

Thankfully I don't live in Katey's neck of the woods, I can still golf in case of an emergency.


Correction please.... not "cheap".... inexpensive.... say it with me.... inexpensive....

There ya go!

Merry Christmas!

Estava lendo por cima de suas postagens e agora terá que aprimorar o seu português/espanhol...
Me colocou em uma enrascada e agora terá que ir lá votar! (rs*)
Parabéns pelo aniversário de sua esposa! Feliz natal!


It is BITTER cold here and we're expecting more snow.

Someone tell me again WHY I live on the East Coast?

I hate winter.

I think maybe a better description than cheap or inexpensive would be "more thoughtful". It's all in the wording. Those reindeer are really funny, btw. *g*

I'm praying for snow here, Katey! As long as I'm being picked on for constantly wearing my over sized "lama sweater" in the house, may as well have some pretty snow. Hope my super jealousy makes you feel better!;)

I noticed in your post you mentioned "holiday" season festivities. I hope you don't mind if I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. ;)

Nice pictures of the family. Enjoy every second; they grow up too quick!!

Ok ok... inexpensive gifts! I read ya Cathy!

Diane: yeah, that was what I wanted to convey to my kids this year.

Luma: love the accent hon! Kisses!

Katey: cuz you's trapped hon!

CUG: stoke them fires my man...

Uber: the red ribbon 'tongue' on the one reindeer was an idea of yours truly.


...that reminds me of a conversation I had with a Salvation Army bell ringer outside the mall the other day... I asked him if he was allowed to say "merry Christmas" to people and he told me that as soon as they told him that they couldn't say that anymore, he wouldn't be ringing any bells for them any longer...

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