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Friday, March 31, 2006 

Shedding Some Light?

Glad to see others are learning what I lived for 9 yrs. I am still muslim but no longer part of or have any affiliation with Sheikh Mubarak Ali shah Gilani. I despise his teachings and his wicked ways, they r brain washed into believing that HE visits them spiritually, while all the while he is in pakistan. His followers give up 30% of their earnings to him as he says " its for the sake of God, so give. Indeed if u have ever seen his houses in pakistan you would know where all that 30% money is going.
Is this for real?
It's worth checking out, that's for sure!

It seems that Senior Gilani really is feeling the heat and not only that, has a defector that isn't afraid to tell his side of the story...

Yo, Detective Earp, dude's in your neck o'tha woods who knows muslim drug runners in Philly and NYC... Sick'em!

Thanks to Canadian Sentinel and CP for allowing some breathing room for those who are finally questioning their leader's motivations!

For background on what I'm talking about see:
Alerting All Pentagon Lawyers!
Homegrown Terrorist Cells Operating Amongst US
The Power of the Open Source Media
CP's Crusade
Fox5News NY Terror Camp Story
Gilani Feeling the Heat

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Thanks for the tb on my open tb post. I fixed it for you using Wizbang's pinger. Nice post. I'm in too!

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