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Thursday, May 25, 2006 

Mother's Day Memory

I have a few moments to share an experience I had on Mother's Day that really made an impression on me.

A friend of mine owns a flower shop and calls me when she knows she's going to have a really busy day... mainly making deliveries. Well, Mother's Day is one of those days.

One of the deliveries I took will remain cemented in my memory forever.

I approached the door to a quaint house in a typical north-west Las Vegas suburban development. I rang the doorbell and awaited a response. In my left hand was a large vase of a gorgeous arrangement of flowers for a loved mother.

Little did I know how loved this mother was.

My first assumption was that the woman who answered the door was the intended recipient- and the initial look on her face when she saw the arrangement of fresh flowers was confirmation...

However when she read the name on the card, she gasped and immediately teared up.

I then doubted that I had the correct house.

She saw the look on my face and assured me between sobs that I was at the right house, but that the intended recipient had died 25 years ago... it was her mother.

Her mother had been so loved by those who had known her that she still received gifts of flowers by delivery even 25 years after her death to honor her memory; particularly to honor her memory as a Mother.

I was astounded and couldn't help but think of things I could be doing to instill that love and respect to inspire others to honor my passing even 25 years after death!

May the memory of that mother inspire us all to do those simple yet awe inspiring things that offer up encouragement and enlightenment...

One of the (many) good parts of my mom's retirement party was the people who told me not only how much they loved my mom but also my grandmother who worked in the same hospital. She's been gone for 20 years, but she still brings back good memories to many.

This wasn't here earlier - dated 25th - Maybe this is a dream?! Anyway - Hi. Memories like this have special meaning - a time to reflect on my Mother who died nine years ago. Moved "Provocations" from "Daily" to "Sunday" - until you get your job, family and "Tiger" all under a "one person's schedule!" Be Well.

That is a great story. What a wonderful legacy to have left.

What a wonderful thought on someone's part to remember this woman's mother after so many years! It would have brought tears to my eyes, as well.

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