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Sunday, April 16, 2006 

Goofy video linkage

Explore at your own risk... some of you may have already seen these but they're definatelly worth watching again!

9/11 Conspiracy Retards make a$$e$ of themselves... (caution, bad language- it is Penn and Teller btw)

Terrifying Terrorist Training Camp Video...

Die Hippies, Die

Now that's how ya start a week eh?

Penn & Teller BS is one of my favorite TV shows.

I want a Tahoe now. Bad.

ooh, me too!

loved them!!

Penn & Teller ROCK.

I want them to deliver my new Tahoe.

Thanks for these links! Penn & Teller is one show I don't like to miss. I'd look for it continually while we had "Showtime" - cancelled showtime for some reason - like to rent and go to movies and everything else seemed like re-runs. Maybe I need Penn & Teller back!

I knew there was a reason why i liked SUV's

Buy more Tahoes!!!!

Penn and Teller are funny as heck, and spot on in this one, to boot!!

It makes time that I do not come here and as this moved, is pretty and lighter! Before it delayed very to load. But it compensates to wait, has many interesting things here good weekend! Kisses

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