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Sunday, April 30, 2006 

No Worries

My second interview was as easy as the question, 'When can you start?'

Since then I've been soaking up precious moments with my kids and spending a lot of time out on the lake... for soon I'll be a 9-5 working stiff again.

I've just not had the blogging bug lately. Getting loose ends wrapped up with my current job (which I won't actually be leaving, I'll just be doing during nights and days off) and the development of a new enterprise has left me no spare time for blogging.

Besides, watching the news media twist stories to fit their annoying agenda gets in itself, quite annoying... so I've pretty much withdrawn to the refuge of my wife and kids company (while I still can) and spending plenty of time on my bro-in-law's new boat, a georgeous Sea Ray Sundancer... awaiting the arrival of the inevitable Middle Eastern Nuclear Blast...

I'm sure I'll be back in the bloggin world full force when my new workplace peers get sick of hearing me explain how their perspective on world politics have been warped by the MSM... not to mention how tired they'll get of my history lectures. That's when I'll retreat back into the comfortable world of the blog-o-sphere where I've made so many new and very cool friends.

So don't give up on me quite yet. Keep on checking in on me when you can. I really appreciate the fact that so many of you keep coming around despite the complete neglect of my site lately.

Guess what time it is... you guessed it! It's time to further cook my irish/cherokee skin in the Nevada sunrays. Yup, it's time to head back to my second home, Lake Mead. I'll remember to take my camera this time and try and get some picts of my kids chasing the seagulls around the lake shore.

Tomorrow I start my first day on the new job.
Hope y'all are having a great weekend! Don't be strangahs!

Hey, Peak. It sucks not having you around as much, but we all understand. Priorities and all. Good luck with the new job. Hope find time for blogging again.

Thanks for the GREAT NEWS! Glad to know you're OK - and enjoying your family more than this "junk!" Have the BEST FIRST DAY ever! LATER!

Hooray, Peakah! Many congrats. :)

Awesome Brah, be back again. Keep up the good work, and Congrats brah!!!

Over at Uber's, I asked that she go look for you. Guess we can call off that search. Got close to thinking you ran off to Lake Mead for the summer.

Nice to have you back even if it's for a short time.

Lotsaluck with the new job!

The new job is great, I'm an accounts manager which means I get to sick those who are not paying on time... right up my alley.

The hours are kinda nuts so far, especially if I intend to keep up on all the other projects I have in the works.

I really miss keeping up with the blog-o-realm but this is how it goes sometimes.

CUG, my prayers are out to you and your family brah... I hope things are ok...

I really haven't had time to catch up with the sites I used to routinely read but gimme a little time to get things sorted out and I'll be rockin and rollin like usual...

Hope all's well in your neighborhood!

"I've just not had the blogging bug lately."

You and me both, chief. Bad night of Liveblogging at B4B, and now I have NO DESIRE to post at all.

Congrats on the new job!!!

It's about time you slacker, and congrats on the job.

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