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Thursday, November 23, 2006 

I am Thankful.

To those of you who stop by and keep this place interesting, I am thankful.

To my little ones who give me plenty of material to write about, I am thankful.

To Thanksgiving Days past, I am thankful.

To Thanksgiving posts like Basil's and Chrys's, Uber's, Wyatt's, Ssssteve's, Katey's, Adam's, Diane's, and Michelle's, I am thankful. (Well, maybe not Wyatt's)

To those who sacrifice all to protect our homeland, I am thankful.

To the public servants who defend the thin blue line, I am thankful.

To those who perform thankless tasks, I am thankful.

To those who represent us in our Government who remain uncorrupted by political power, I am thankful.

To those who work their butts off each day to provide for their family, I am thankful.

To those who remain committed to their loved ones and place them ahead of themselves, I am thankful.

To the Institution of Marriage, I am thankful.

For the Atoning Sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for each of us, I am thankful.

To the love of my life, my beautiful wife, I am thankful.

To Tyler:
My oldest who has already discovered his passion in life,
Who inspires me to be my best,
Who's smile can melt the coldest heart,
Who's internal strength has become legendary
among those who Really know him,
I am thankful.

To Alex:
My twin boy who reminds me the most of myself,
Who's adorable affection has become contagious,
Who's love for learning continues to grow,
Who's imagination knows no bounds,
I am thankful.

To Brayden:
My twin boy who passed beyond the veil of this life
when so young yet fought his way back,
Who's physical strength is extraordinary,
Who's sensitivity and kindness is even more extraordinary,
I am thankful.

To Joshua Dylan:
My youngest boy who knows how to use his Irish charm,
and also possesses the trademark stubbornness of the Irish-
that will surely serve him well someday,
Who's gorgeous eyes and smile melt away the stresses of the day,
Who's silly sense of humor makes for lots of laughs,
I am thankful.

To Haley:
Who has established herself as the lone House Princess,
Who's beauty rivals that of her Mommy's,
Who's personality has such richness and depth,
Who's sweet voice makes my soul smile,
I am thankful.

To my wife's family who have inspired and supported us through the wild ride of the last 9 years, I am thankful.

To my family in NY and NC who carry on the traditions from my childhood to this day, I am thankful.

To the blessings I've enjoyed, especially those that I take for granted, I am thankful.

For our President, I am thankful.

Please remember to keep those who are away from their families, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our protection, in your prayers and blessings over the bountiful dinner tonight.

Hope you all have a Great Thanksgiving!

I'm Thankful for caring people such as you - Family man extraordinary and his matching family. Be Well.

Beautiful post!

Happy Thanksgiving, Peakah!

Thank you and your family, Peakah, for being a willing part of the American strength we hold dear.

I'm thanksul for dads like you who put their families first, where they should be.

HEY! What the hell???!!!

Baaaahahahha, lighten up big guy... wuz just kidding...

*tips pint*

Cheers brah!

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