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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 

Where the Freak is he?

Not that this is some massive hub of the meeting of the minds or anything...

But it has been the place where I spent a lot of time discussing politics, family, and general goofiness amongst friends.

On January 1st I officially became the General Manager of my store- which really only means that I now work more hours and no longer receive Overtime... I now have to manage staffing, recruiting, budgeting, supply ordering, and balancing of numbers so that the Veeps perceive the store in its most positive light... among other things. It's a daunting task but I'm more than up to it! I relish the challenge in fact. It makes it more worth it when I can go to a Profit and Loss meeting with my head held high as I begin to skyrocket past the other stores in my region.

Yah-da yah-da yah-da...

Who really cares anyway...

My point is that blogging has taken a backburner in the last couple weeks as I prepare for Audits, visits by coorporate pencil necks, and get my school work done, (yeah, I'm still pursuing my teaching degree) I've lowered the priority of my lil nook of the internet without completely swearing it off. There's a part of me that loves it too much!

Much like the love shared between a frog and a 4 year old... depending on the mood either a deep personal relationship is shared or a fire cracker is shoved up its azz... Ya never know... prolly depends on how much sugar has been ingested the previous few hours. That crap is dangerous ya know!

Keep posted... you never know what can happen...

Congrats on the promotion! Not easy doing it all, is it? But it sounds like you're up to the challenge!

Yes- Congratulations on the promotion!

Blog when you can--- We'll keep checking in.

Congrats on the promotion.
I can send you some info on starting a union if you want.

That'll take care of that pesky overtime issue... ;)

We'll wait, patiently as always, Peak.

Congrats you Peakster you!! I think that your area just has more crack people in it thus your sales are up! HA HA!

Hey CUG, Peaks is Management now, and everyone knows that management don't want no union!

Congrats, Peak! I'll bet you just can;'t wait to rip someone for mot using a cover sheet on their TPS reports!

BTW, the golf league? Awesome!

Linda: only time will tell

Cathy: thanks, you're so reliable

CuG: Certain Unions are irrelevant.

Ssssteve: more crack than you can imagine! They're easy to sell tho... Dumbazzes.

Wyatt: I have no idea what you just said, cept for the part about Golf... Yeah that league is fun when you guys pipe in!

At least it's all about the "Good Stuff!"

Take a few days off from "Peaking" in on Peakah and the world changes!

Cong Rats! GM Guy!

YA Son!! Where the "freak" is he?! Oh - Quiet down out there!! Ooops, sorry about the noise! Your month between posts is coming up soon! lol Be well GM.

OK - Month is over!! lol

Glad to see you check in now and again... how ya doin'?

By the way--- you've been tagged big boy.



Damn you Cathy... damn you...

New lines from old songs!

"Set-ups are true they can happen to you - If you're young at heart!"

"Mamma told me not to come. That's not the way to have fun - Nooo"

lol *grin*

Are ya comin' up for air anytime soon? Things are happenin'--I have a blog now!
You can find it at: http://bama2.itsapundit.com/

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