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Tuesday, November 13, 2007 

Huh.. wha..

What is it that can bring me out of a 4 month blog hibernation?


Boeheim exemplifies my wife's feelings about this...

Plus tha 'Cuse is playing what I belive is my blog bud's Alma Mater- St. Joeseph's. Sorry Wyatt, but the freshmen phenoms are going go crazy on the Hawks...

Hmm... I kinda miss this bloggin thang...

Can you go back into hibernation now, please?

Great game, buddy. 'Cuse looked very good, as did my Hawks.

Heheh... Hawks looked awesome, they should hang tough in the ACC this year. 'Cuse will be great when their freshmen mature a bit more... hopefully that's before the Big Dance and they'll be rolling toward their next Championship!!

Hope the new job is going well and also hope the new abode is awesome.

Good to see ya posting! :)

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