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Sunday, September 07, 2008 

Have you now, or ever have been...

Does Obama's faith matter? To me, not really... he has enough strikes against him regarding his policies which would SINK our economy and a foreign policy that would result in homicide bombings of our local pizza joints and coffee shops.

However, when one is being interviewed, particularly for President of the United States of America, one does not usually have a slip of the tongue that would admit to adherence to a spiritual faith other than the one he supposedly is. Naturally, with the help of his friends in the media, he will weasel his way out of a situation that would sink any other candidate.

For instance, there was a time in my life when I found solice in an ancient Native American way of belief that provided insight into this life for me; but if ever asked about my faith, there would be no hesitation regarding the faith I had been dedicated to.

Discussion of spiritual faith should be a discussion that would touch one at their core. The fact that there would be any confusion regarding the issue highlights the absolute confusion that hides within the core of Barack Hussein Obama.

Then came this video which lends damaging physical proof of Obama's spiritual confusion...

The question remains... do we know enough about Obama to hand him the reigns of our suffering country?

Wyatt was all over this as soon as it broke...

especially now that he calls Sarah Palin a PIG... he's going to be Mondale all over again...

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