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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

The Gerry Mac Attack

...is coming to an arena near you!

I absolutely love College Hoops. Now that my home-town hero Jim Boeheim is in the Hall of Fame,

(in Dick Vitale style insanity) "It's time to rock the court with the Orangemen 2-3 Zone D baby!
That lil Gerry Mac is AWESOME BABY!!'

Ok Dick, take a deep breath... regular season hasn't started yet... but I know what I'm doing on Thursday and Friday night!

LOL I'm not a fan of man sports period but I do like basketball. Not enough to watch it on TV unless my team gets to the playoffs, ha ha. GL to yours!

Thanks Diane, March is my favorite time of the sports season...
The tourney
NBA playoffs soon to begin
NHL playoffs begin to shape up...

I've been spoiled as a Syracuse Basketball fan because they are always a threat in the tourney unless of course they get upset by some hick school like Vermont... argh.

They don't have Carmello Anthony or Hakim Warrick this year but lil Gerry Mac is going to blow it up this year! (I hope)

Go SU! i always get pumped for syracuse basketball. i've been a fan since i was a little guy. it's good to see gerry mcnamara get a lot of exposure like this...i watched this kid play through high school on up. he's pretty damn amazing.

He's a Scranton hero from what I hear... doesn't he get hundreds of fans from his home town make the trek up to SU each game to watch him? Dude's a stud...

Thanks for stopping by Kevin!
Don't be a stranger!

yes, he is a scranton hero. everyone here jumped on the SU basketball bandwagon, which is unfortunate for me, becuase everyone thinks i did. little do they know i've loved SU basketball from way back in the early john wallace, todd burgan and co. days. and i went to school there.

but come next year, no one in scranton is gonna give a rats ass about Syracuse basketball.

My first heart break was watching Keith Smart hit the last second shot in the Finals to win it for Bobby Knight's Hoosiers...

I went to highschool near John Wallace (who played for a Rochester City school) and he would single handedly kick my Newark HS team all by himself.

I too went to SU because I fell in love with the campus when my grandfather was admitted to the VA hospital there when I was just a kid. I always knew I'd go there.

I was a student there from '92-'95.

Scranton sure must be proud of Gerry Mac, he played a great game tonight!

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