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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 

Politicians on Parade

Click on picture to see video of all these naysayers who think we went to Iraq under false pretenses.

How can you vote for people who blindly follow the political path of least resistance rather than make decisions based on principals? They think we are too dumb or short-memoried to notice their duplicity.

How can these people maintain power after this? Don't answer that, it's too sad...

(Thanks to Don Surber where I found the link and picture above)

From Michelle Malkin's site:

Click on graphic to go right to search results.

What a suprise eh?

also linked at: The Political Teen, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, iHillary, Dr. Sanity, and Stop the ACLU

Amazing how short (and selective) memory can be, isn't it? :-)

They remind me of a bunch of kids. Ask any kid that was supposed to do something why they didn't do it and 9 times out of ten they'll start out with I don't remember, but...

I've got 5 kids who's stories I have to reintrepret what they really mean, sort out the fibs from the truths, and manage their maneuvering and inside 'politics' amongst eachother. The Democrats are freaking rookies...

My kids could show them a thing or two!

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