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Sunday, January 08, 2006 

Cruising Through the Weekend

This weekend went by in a blur. The Consumer Electronics Show descended upon the Las Vegas Convention Center this weekend.

-Check out the Technology Evangelist who live blogged each day's happenings and hot new items... kewl stuff...

I was audio blogging my experiences but apparently none of them posted...
(Blogger's Customer Service blows by the way... does anyone know another free audio blog service?)

No, I didn't have an exhibit displaying the most technologically advanced way to ingest Guinness although that may be an idea for a booth for next year, instead I was doing a favor for my cuz...

He gave me a call a couple weeks back and asked me if I would be willing to drive him and his clients from Sirius Satellite Radio and Direct TV around for the weekend from meeting to meeting, hotel to hotel. He knew that waiting in the long taxi lines would waste precious schmoozing time.

He rented me an '05 Chrysler 300 that was FULLY loaded, the luxury model with no shortage of co-hones and proceeded to give all these people my cell phone number. My phone rang off of the hook as I drove with the skills of a professional race car driver around the rubbernecking tourists driving along the Vegas Strip.

I've figured a way to make an asian's eyes much larger-
put them in the back seat of my car.

When I would drop them off and open the door for them they would get out muttering prayers of thankfulness for their survival and then this strange dance would begin...

They would bow, I would bow, they would bow again, I would bow again, again, a bow, again a bow reciprocated... on and on...

Is this like Asian arm wrestling or something? How many times are you supposed to bow? Are there supposed to be an odd number of bows? Is the one who begins this bowing chicken dance supposed to be the one to end it? I wanted to see how long this process would go and I believe I counted at one point over ten bows each... *shrug* I wasn't going to quit without a fight!

I assumed that I was liked because by the end of the weekend, as I was dropping them off at McCarran International Airport, they asked me if I would drive them around every time they were in town! You bet'cha! Talk about easy money!

(as seen at The Bonfire of the Vanities #132 hosted by The Business of America is Business)

Mybrother just got back from Vegas to attend the show you mentioned, as well as another gaming related convention. I haven't spoken to him about them yet, but I'll be happy to let know what he thought of them.


Sounds like you just love driving - or 'cruisin' around town.

As for the bows, WHO stopped first you, or them? I think two would have been my limit!

Next time you have to tape it and play the video for us. Sounds like we'd all be laughing our behinds off! Heck I'm LMAO from just picturing it in my mind. ;)

DL: I hope I didn't run him over...

Barbara: It was a ton of fun, as for stopping first, I was curious as to how long they would take it! I was impressed!

DM: It's too bad the audio blogs didn't come out... ya could'a heard me singing to the satellite radio 'Singers and Standards' station... I love Frank Sinatra!!

Ah, maybe next time. ;)

I spoke to my brother, and he had rave reviews about the convention. He also spoke very highly of Vegas as well, as he always does. It actually makes me wish I could have joined him there.


DMaria: Blogger refuses to help fix the screwup in my login info so I don't think there'll be a next time, unless of course I start up a new blog devoted solely to audioblogging... none of us want that!

Daniel: The convention was unreal! It gets better and better every year... I've never lived anywhere like this place, there's always something to do on date night with my hunny!

What did you bro do when he was here? Was he an exhibitor?

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