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Saturday, December 31, 2005 

Tooting my Own Horn

Another year draws to a close and I thought I'd indulge myself and list my favorite posts of 2005...

I started off the year with a bang with this post that absolutely no one read:
So much for Tolerance
When there's a billion to one chance that a random genetic mutation will lead to advancement of a life form, isn't it obvious that there was "Intelligent Design"?
The New Paul Revere:
The Bloggers are Coming!
One think I love about blogging is the opportunity to be just a little spark in a vast neural network of instantaneous information gathering and sharing. Even if I pop off a wayward jolt or two.
Ted Kennedy is always good for a rant or two:
Is there a More Insignificant Representative?
I wonder if this whiskey embalmed imbecile has the guts to stand in front of our troops and make his case rather than venting the frustrations of his party's insignificances in front of a bunch of tired old bureaucrats.
Reflections of the luckiest husband this side of the Vegas Strip:
Meal fit for a King
I hope she has a spatula in that awesome kitchen big enough to scoop me off of this office chair!
Jim Gibbons Tells It Like It Is:
Jim Gibbons represents us Red Blooded Americans who are sick of the filthy hollywood mindset being relentlessly pumped into young skulls full o'mush.
My first comment section debate occured with this post:
One Nation Under Your Belief System
Hmmm, anyone see a bit o'irony in the joining of the adjacent phrases of, "one nation", "under your belief system" and "indivisible"?
You know it's the 'End Times' when France claims to define masculinity:
Macho, Macho, Maaaaaannn
I guess you can say that a country's downfall begins when the men no longer want to be the 'family super-hero' but instead elects to 'put on a pink-flowered shirt and try out a partner-swapping club'!
Ya gotta love trying to 'ruin the natural balance of forces in the universe':
Dude, Where's my Horoscope?
I think it is quite triumphant in fact that we have the ability to create a spacecraft adept enough to pimp slap a flying iceball that's moving a gazillion miles an hour.
Hey, even Pagans need to be loved:
Partying with Pagans
Look at the bright side, you may get a glimpse of a merry Carrie the green grass fairy giving thanks for the green stuff!
Nothing like a little Cannon Fodder provided by the MSM!
I have a feeling that if I've been in Iraq for the last couple years and have seen friends blown up by those who claim to be good citizens, those who drop IED's along the side of the road to detach my brother's limbs from his body and we had some detainees who may have some knowledge of something... consider that Iraqi's ass kicked.
This interaction with a Black Widow in my garage was interesting...
But she had to go just so I can avoid the moment when my 3 year old boy finds it and comes in from the garage to tell me, "Daaaaad, I wuv dis p'idah fo-evah", right before it sinks it's venom into his hand.
Why Blog? Blog This!
I'm determined to bring up and raise the next generation of patriots of a country that has an inspired destiny even when being run by uninspired partisans.
Now... on to a new year of blogging madness! Bring it on '06!!


I'm glad I found your page.

All the best to you, your family, and those you care about in this new year.

Thanks a ton my scottish/irish brothah. It's nice to know that I'm not typing to myself sometimes...

My best to you and yours this new year as well.

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