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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 


I wish photobucket would update the resizing of this picture already!
It's messing up my fung-shway! ...or should I say, fung-swag...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Ok ok ok... so I'm not nearly as Hot as Uber... or as well armed as CUG...

...thus the shameless use of my kids to make me look cuter.

But hey, it's all about the Dr. Phat Tony Swag eh?

Man I hate getting my picture taken, but for some strange reason, perhaps due to the lack of attention I received as a kid or something, I have no problem posting my goofy lookin kisser for all to see on the internet.

I first took this shot but realized that the tree behind me made me look like Diana Ross...

So I tried to get silly, something I'm much more comfortable being, but well, the picture speaks for itself.

That's when I took the weasel hostage...

but felt more comfortable with the silly face...

So I grabbed my lil girl and I think she pooped.

I'll leave the modeling up to Uber...

If there's anything I learned, I need to get off of this computer and go hit the gym!

Thanks Doc for the awesome gear! Now get over to his shop and get'chore own!

It brings a tear to my eye knowing that you took all these photos with that awesome piece of swag.

Not doubting the awesomeness of the swag, but are you sure that the tear isn't a result of knowing that you have me modeling it? Or perhaps it's the scent of my daughter's diaper wafting through the broadband?

Peakah, you are freakin' awesome! great pics!!! If you need to hit the gym, then I better get there now!!!

Peakah, I should head to the gym with you, but I have this theory.

One's heart has a limited number of beats, once you expend them you die. Therefore, I'm going to sit here drinking beer, and not expending excessvie heartbeats.

Don't believe me? Jim Fixx ran for years, was a great physical specimen, and died at 37... I'm already 41!

Sssteve: meet'cha there... gotta stop by the Irish bar at Green Valley Ranch first (Fado's) ...Guinness is the slick 50 for my engine...

CP: I think you're on to something! *toasts a Guinness to ya* ...you don't look a day over 29! ...no I don't have beer goggles!

Glad to see I'm not the only one avoiding the real world this week! YEP - cute children ALWAYS make someone look cuter! Smile intense and wonderful! CP said 29 - in this shot - "big brother" - 18! Sitting there is 100% better reading this! ;-) Thanks - I needed that!

Cute pictures, but you already knew that! ;)

I hope you and the family have a Happy & Healthy New Year!!

Great pics, Peak! I guess I'm far enough away that the diaper fumes disipated and all I can see are cute kids and a damn fine swag model!

Dude, no offense, but you're all teeth! You could be an Osmond! On a lighter note, your kids are adorable!

chrys: glad I could help!

DM: thanks hon!

Gunn: lucky for you the wind is blowing west...

Wyatt: it's the curse of a very small upper palate... can you believe I've had six teeth removed from that big ole head to make room for the teeth that are there?

...ok, that qualifies as TMI...

lol Very entertaining, Peakah. Just..awesome funny. The kiddies are adorable.

I'll bet your mom not only always knew when you'd done something but thought you had even when you hadn't due to that grin.

Thanks for the linkage! :)

Yeah, I couldn't get away with anything... still can't!

That's probably more of a blessing than a curse...

Those are some great pictures, Peak!
Thanks for sharing them with us!

CUG: your pictures of the firearms are much more attractive than the pictures of my puss... can I borrow one of these?

Cute kids! You forgot your hat!
Remind Wyatt that he wouldn't post his photo when asked!

Next time you're around NW Ohiya way, let me know...

We'll do some blasting!

Just admit it! You love to show off those beautiful kids!

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