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Saturday, December 31, 2005 

Buh-bye '05

This is the time of year where you reflect and project...

Check out CNN's Year in Review Flash movie.
...and Yahoo! News has one as well.

Over 300,000 people died from worldwide natural disasters in the past year... (check out this amazing Tsunami multimedia presentation by the NYT here)

Elections were held in one of the most unlikely of nations while their former leader is being tried for crimes against humanity.

The Space Shuttle Discovery returns to space and despite the falling debris that ultimately destroyed the Space Shuttle Columbia upon reentry into the atmosphere, Discovery returns safely...

We reflected on the life of Pope John Paul II...

...and got to know Terry Schiavo...

Michael Jackson busts out the 'Jesus Juice'...

The Gaza Strip was evacuated...

I see London, I see France...
...bureaucrats crap their underpants...

...anyway, we've all been there- done that-
and have the tee-shirt from DPT's store...

Don't you just love the blog-o-sphere??

2005 was a year of change for our family. I finally shed the "9-5" job that was actually a 6a-6p nightmare, for a job out of the house... sacrificing only my wife's sanity as she has to see my silly mug all day long now...

2006 may see just as much change as we open a corporate office here in Las Vegas in the near future and expand the divisions of the business to new horizons. The possibilities are infinite. Which may translate to less frequent blogging in '06, but we'll see...

My family and I wish you all a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve. We're going to lay low tonight after having done The Strip thang the first couple of years we lived here. Hey, you cannot beat 5 hours of open bar at Nine Fine Irishmen for 99 bucks!! ...MMMmmmm Jameson...

Instead I'm taking my lovely wife out to eat and we're going to go see Narnia... CS Lewis is one of my all time favorite writers so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Happy New Year to you all! It has been a really exciting year and there's no slowing down now!

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Just Happy New Year Peak!

Happy New Year, Josh. I hope 2006 is great for you and yours. :)

Thanks a lot chrys and katey! Back at'cha!

Hope you have a great 2006! Thanks for visiting my blog, I've added you to the roll, so I'll be back regularly.

Excellent CP, look forward to bumpin into ya throughout '06!

"...sacrificing only my wife's sanity as she has to see my silly mug all day long now..."

Heh. Like our wives weren't crazy to marry us in the first place...


Oh. Wait. That's an amphibolous construction.

Happy New Year, Peaka! Wonder what 2006 has in store for us?

Interesting post. Some of that stuff I had actually forgotten. Not most, but some.

David: don't be throwing around words like amphibolous 'round here. May get ya bounced from the bar... *laugh* J/K (you did make me go look it up tho)

Gayle: Thanks for stopping by! Don't be a stranger! ...and Happy New Year!

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