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Sunday, January 29, 2006 

This will make you Hurt

Please be fore-warned.
If you are in a light-hearted mood, perhaps one influenced by some good music as advertised a couple of posts ago, and not in the mood for a reality check...

It is extremely sensitive and above all, Real.

Diane was absolutely right, it is profoundly touching.

Outstanding work Lingo!

UPDATE! when I finally took a few minutes to look around
I also saw this video there too on a much lighter yet just as personal note. If you don't relate to this yet... well, you will soon.

Thanks so much Peakah! I truly appreciate the exposure on this piece. It was emotionally draining putting this together, but i've wanted to complete this project for a while. Finally I found myself in the right mindset to do it, and I did and I am thankful that althought it is difficult to watch, people (like you) do.

It deserves exposure, well done!

It was excellent! That other one is pretty great too :)

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