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Sunday, February 26, 2006 

Weekend News Surf

Weekend news surfing turned up some gems...
Check 'em out...

I spent a lot of time investigating Christian Churches in my time travelling with the Air Force. There seemed to be this emergence of the coorporate styled christian congregation and this story notices the same thing...

But hey, it's gotta be better than anybody that sanctions this!
A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his "wife", after he was caught having sex with the animal.
Baaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaa

Coorporate church structure doesn't seem all that bad now eh?

Just ask Diane!

If it wasn't a fainting goat, I bet it is now.

Oh My God, Dude, that is friggin' crazy. First Tom and Jerry get a Fatwah, and now we have sudanese not just having sex with, but marrying goats. I mean, there's crackhead on the mean streets I once patrolled that did a goat, got caught, arrested, convicted, and did jail time behind this sexual indiscretion. But forced to marry a goat?

Well at least his wife will not force him to watch Ice Dancing during the Winter Olympics.

This seems fair since women have sex with pigs! lol

DPT: I remember that clip! That is classic although I couldn't get it to work this morning... I hope they didn't pull the clip!

fm: see what you've been missing? Glad to see ya back around brah. I bet Mr crackhead became the goat when serving his time.

TM: wow, talk about conundrum... marry a goat or be forced to watch Ice Dancing... *shudder*

Anon: is this my wife?

If this wasn't such a sick subject, I'd give DPT props for the best comment. Oh, what the he.., give it to him anyway! Leave those poor little goats alone!

I was just talking to my husband last night about "corporate churches". There was a commercial on TV for one of them locally and I remarked to my husband that if I was going to go to church it sure wouldn't be one that had theater seating. That it just didn't seem like "church" to me, and he had a short reply- "It's entertainment, that's all."

No comment on the goats. LOL

In an unrelated story, I am enroute to the Sudan with Jessica Simpson and a bottle of "rufees."

There's fun to be had with that, but nope, not gonna touch it!

linda: yo, DPT gets mad props... That fainting goat video is hilarious! It was working for me this time... hey the video has already been shot, might as well laugh at it...

Diane: your post is awesome! We're like totally grok'in right now.

Wyatt: umm... I see a reality show developing.

linda: don't be shy...

Hey, if men hate Ice Dancing so dang much then why is it that MEN are the ones driving up the web searches on Ice Dancing? (hint; hot chicks who can touch their ear with their ankle). haha

...well, if you're going to watch something... that flexability is definatelly fascinating!

That's as funny as Tyra Banks saying she was going "undercover" as a stripper to find out why guys go there! Duh! Five guesses and the first four don't count! It's for sure not the "dancing"! And how can she say she's going undercover, hasn't she been stripping her whole career? Oh sorry, was that judging? Hey if it walks like a stripper....

Was the goat hot?

Because that could change things, you know.

Two comments.
1. The World Council of Churches is not exactly the final word in Christian.
2. Where is it written that you have to sit on a hard bench in order for it to be church?

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