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Friday, February 03, 2006 

Down tha Stretch They Come...

Thanks to Lyn and Beth for the work they've done in putting together the Best of So Far Awards.

If nothing else, we've had the chance to step out of the circle of bloggers we've grown so familiar with and love, to acquaint ourselves with new sites that expand the neural network of the living breathing blogosphere.

Like Killired who definatelly loves the color pink and Barbara out in my old stomping grounds in Webster, NY. It has been nice getting acquainted with you two.

And then of course you get to see our crazy friends get even nuttier. I mean can't you just feel the love between DPT and jimmyb? Now this is what it is all about!

I didn't have time to post yesterday because I had a bad situation get worse. I have been called for jury duty on Monday! I think it will be safe to say that it will be the most hung (as in hungover) jury of the year seeing how it's going to be the day after the Superbowl.

I feel sorry for the cause of truth and justice that day.

Isn't the day after the Superbowl supposed to be a national holiday by now?

Not only that but a couple of days ago I got a letter from the Las Vegas Justice Court stating that I had a bench warrant out for missing a court date! Just great, why don't I have a calendar?

So I could see myself showing up for jury duty, the authorities checking my ID, then just slapping the cuffs on me. All while surrounded by those sweating beer with Super-hangovers.

Meanwhile Lyn is emailing me that I need to campaign harder! Sheesh woman! I'm in the middle of something here! *grin*

So, did this lack of posting on the oh so critical final stretch of the Best of So Far campaign ruin my chances to win? Apparently not!

There I am, somehow barely in the lead in the Political Category (the one I want to win so I can tell all my friends) But right on my heels is Matthew, my bud to the north of me in Reno of Liberty Just in Case. The one who had been holding my irish bar template hostage until yesterday when he all of a sudden decided to give it to me. This after demanding payment several times!

So, I'm thinking about the possible politics involved. Is this a Rove-ian scheme to just make me go away by sending me a bugged out template sure to ruin me and my livelihood forever?

Besides, I can't even open the darn text file! Perhaps because my computer is a gazillion times smarter than me and is saving me from certain doom!

The gig is up Matt, I'm not falling for it! Yeah, you're check is in the mail... Suuuuuuurrrrrreeeee.

Now, if you haven't already, get'cho booty emailing BestSoFar@RightThinking.net or lyngperry@yahoo.com and stand up fairness! Don't allow dirty tricks to win this thing! Send your three votes for political blog to moi! Cuz I know french...

You know French? I thought you were hetero.

Knowing french and being french is seperated by several degrees of body odor...

Geez, why not just make stuff up to tell your friends like normal people?

That trip to the store for bread and milk becomes "Peakah saves baby penguins from flaming oil spill!"

...so much for my attempts at a political blog eh? I've become a filthy liar, therefore I fit right in wit'choo'all.

Hey what's wrong with being French? you know other than putting up with the French government... I should get points just for haveing a french name(Comprix) and being a conservative... or maybe I'm a mole.... hmmm

Good luck!
(I was on jury duty for 3 months once... ouch!)

Matt: your cover is blown! I'm all over you...

CUG: I need it... if I go in there puking my guts out I doubt I'll make the cut.

Voted for ya!!

Jury duty? Just go in there and yell you hate women or gay people or you hate people of other color than you. That ought to get you out of jury duty.... of course you will have to figure away to probably get out of jail then, but at least you wont be in jury duty. There see, problem solved!!

...always got my back...

man I feel safe.

I'm jealous.... I always wanted to serve on jury duty... not going to happen now that my husband is a deputy...

wanna get out of jury duty? stand up and yell FRY HIM! that oughta work! or if you have close friends that are police, tell them... that should make the lawyers cringe...

I'm so frustrated! Every time I try to log on to the site I get the boot from Firefox... Don't know if it's cuz i'm on a Mac, or what... But it's driving me insane.

I just wanna vote dammit!

Lingo, Go here and click on the email address. I do charge 3 votes in the humor category to use it though.

I enjoy making new blog friends too! Webster is changing. There is a huge new shopping center between Hard and Holt Road. There is a huge Lowe's home center between 5 Mile Line Road and Hard Road. It is getting kind of built up, there's always a lot of traffic on Ridge Road.

I hope jury duty doesn't ruin the holiday weekend!

Congrats on your win, Peakah!!!

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