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Friday, February 03, 2006 

Future Subway Sandwich name: The Mecca Melt

It's only getting worse: (click picture to go to story)

It's free speech-
no in fact it is the ultimate in artistic expression-
to put a Crucifix in a jar of urine or to heap elephant dung on the Virgin Mary and display it in a NYC art museum.

But print this in a newspaper?

And all hell breaks loose.

Including burning down an Embassy (again)
From Stop the ACLU: Danish Embassy Set Ablaze: Can We Co-Exist?

See the protest signs they were carrying at Michelle Malkin... if these don't directly communicate their intentions to you, you're braindead.

Randy at RightWinged nails it and has posted all of the pictures in international papers that are making these crazies crap in their head scarves.

Oh but if only we would say sowwy:
Everybody in the Muslim world, though, wants a clear-cut apology. They don't want the caveat of free speech, they want a clear-cut apology. So, maybe it won't go away until they hear those words, "I'm sorry."
Umm... I highly doubt that an "I'm sorry" is going to cut it...
How about "get over it" instead? It would be more to the point.

Meanwhile our State Department is on the wrong side of the equation as usual... because these muslims want blood spilt over this...

Only in a hardcore theocracy are you going to achieve a society that is not at least somewhat outwardly sacrilegious. So I guess it is safe to assume that a hardcore theocracy is exactly what European muslim immigrants are pushing for.

If it wasn't cartoons, it'll be the public sales of alcohol, or something else, or something else...

Lets just get it on already and melt mecca so we can see what new sandwiches can be marketed off the name "The Mecca Melt".

UPDATE: Katey left a link in the comment section showing all the artistic renderings of Muhammad throughout the ages lending more evidence that these latest renderings are just the vehicle whereby these fanatics use to riot. I'm telling you, it's always going to be something...

As seen at Basil's Picnic 2-6

See all the other coverage at:
Atlas Shrugs
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It's crazy how Muslims get mad about this. Christianity has been mocked, Christ has been mocked for as long as I can remember. I'm a Christian, and I have learned to live with it. It's a fact of life that some people are going to poke fun at religion. Muslims need to learn a bit of tolerance.

Tolerance seems to be a one way street nowadays...

we live in a free world... if we wanna make a flash movie about the pope and give him a light saber, we will dammit... if we wanna go to subway and order up a mecca melt, you'd better believe we will AND WITH EXTRA BACON BABY!

you're hillarious dude, i love your perspective on things... ha ha!!

LS: It'd be safe to say that it would be one of them toasted sandwiches... naturally with bacon.

mmmmmmm.... baaaaaacon.....

Thanks for the kind words

I wish I could be offended about everything. I wouldn't have to think about posts anymore. I could just write about the latest outrage, and hold signs that say I'm going to kill everyone.

The difference between "us" and the muslim world is while we get upset when we see Christian (or Jewish) symbols used in cartoons such as the above, we realize it's an opinion.

Muslims can't take an opinion that isn't lock step with them, and have hissy fits when someone points out the obvious, as the 12 cartoons did.


Hey, sweetie! How are you?

Check this out:


DPT: isn't that kinda what we're doing now?

CP: you need to check out katey's link!

Katey: Good to see ya again! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Great link by the way... I'm going to toss it up into the post. Don't be a stranger now y'hear!?

Right on, Peakah. I posted on what all this has done to not only the media but also bloggers like Laurence Simon here:


It's getting ridiculous.

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