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Thursday, March 02, 2006 

Public School Preoccupations

If I get the time to finish up what little school I have left to become a teacher in either Biology or Math I know it will be much easier to monitor what my kids are actually learning in school.

Mark of Liberty Just in Case posts "Do you Want this in Your School?
AURORA - A 16-year-old boy at Overland High School doesn't want to hear what he calls his teacher's left-wing political rants.
Hear his recording here. If you can stomach being preached to by a shrill voiced liberal teacher who definitely drinks way too much coffee.

Just past halfway through the recording you'll hear Sean Allen (the student who made the recording) confront his teacher on several points only to be run over by left wing rants justifying why we were attacked on 9/11.

Nice work Sean, just do what you have to do to get your grade then run like hell.

Lo and behold, there's an ACLU lawyer on the case...

Uber appropriately shreds this "teacher" too...

Michelle Malkin typed out most of the audio recording.

Rocky Mountain News reports:
An Overland High School geography teacher was put on leave Wednesday while Cherry Creek Schools investigates whether he violated district policy that requires balanced viewpoints in the classroom.

Jay Bennish, who teaches 10th grade world geography, is being investigated for making biased, anti-President Bush comments in class during a discussion of the State of the Union speech last month.

"These are serious allegations and we're very concerned about it," said Tustin Amole, spokeswoman for Cherry Creek Schools. "This does not reflect the type of teaching that we want to see in Cherry Creek school district."
The Denver Post writes this up too, with a picture of Sean Allen doing radio interviews.

Check out Slapstick Politics and their awesome coverage.

Meanwhile, in an Illinois school system we have this:
On Tuesday, February 28, Planned Parenthood of Illinois, ACLU-Illinois and other left-wing groups are planning a massive Lobby Day in Springfield for what they are calling "age appropriate," "comprehensive" sex ed in schools.

Would you trust Planned Parenthood- the Abortion Inc., of the United States- and the ACLU- which has defended the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)- to decide what are "age appropriate" teachings on sex for your children? Concerned parents must not allow this blank check to condom-based education in Illinois to pass. Illinois students and teens deserve better!
Here is what they consider to be 'age appropriate' curriculum:
Focus on Kids (ages 9-15)- Youth will practice the proper way to put on a condom. Divide youth into two teams and give everyone a condom. Have the teams stand in two lines and give the first person in each line a dildo or cucumber. Each person on the team must put the condom on the dildo or cucumber and take it off. The team that finishes first wins.

Becoming a Responsible Teen (ages 14-18)- Sometimes people don't have a water-based lubricant handy. If you were trying to find something around the house, or at a convenience store, to use as a substitute what would be safe? Some grocery store lubricants are safe to use if they do not contain oil: GRAPE JELLY, maple syrup, and honey.
Do they actually think that this is appropriate at all?? Let alone 'age appropriate'?? If I find a teacher waving a dildo around in his classroom full of kids, I'll find a nice dark place to permanently lodge that dildo... Arrrrrggggghhhhhh....

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Heard about this idiot teacher that was recorded spewing forth DU talking points? This guy is a total d***he-bag.

Very disturbing.
And yes, FIRST!

Man I am terrified of sending my kids to public school. My older daughter starts Kindergarten this year. I just hope I can get her through school without her ending up pregnant, or me killing a wackaloon teacher. Like Chris Rock said, "My job from now on is to keep my daughter off the pole!"

I come at this from a very different perspective. I have been in the public education system at every level for the last twenty years. The most signigicant change I have noticed is the change in respect for teachers. Granted, some dont seserve respect, but most do and the ability now for any parent or student to interject their own opinion on who they should be taught is ruining the system. My mother has been threatened with lawsuite time and time again for having her students read such books at The Scarlet Letter. I am not suggestion that academic freedom should be absolute, but teachers have been crippled, from whatever side of the spectrum they are, from this continual erosion of a educator's authority. WHew....pardon me for the rant. I have seen many of the best teachers resign in disgust or become completely demoralized. Until we learn to respect that line between teacher and parent/student again, and pay teachers for being the professionals they are and should be, our system will continue to disenigrate.

CUG: first as always eh?

fm: buwahhahah, keep my daughter off of the pole... yikes.

myrna: great observation and I'm completely in agreement. That is the fault of today's attitudes on family structure and the lack of time and attention (and caring) being spent on the individual kid by their own parents.

However that attitude didn't bring about advanced sexual talk by teachers to little kids. Are you telling me that twenty years ago you were waving a dildo around 9 year olds and having contests on who could stroke the condom on faster? I severely doubt it.

While I agree with your assertion and admire your two decade commitment to the teaching of youngsters, I think you missed the point of my post. It's the curriculum that scares the crap out of me. Granted the attitudes of our kids minds on Sex have changed... adapting the curriculum to their degenerating attitudes does nothing to instill values of respect for the sexual function. Unless of course you think it does... I do not, I'll teach my children the sexual aspects of life, thank you.

As for the loony "Geography" teacher who seemed to be teaching everything but,

If you hear the audio, Sean was extremely polite and respectful despite having the sacrifices of his ancestors thrashed in his face by an over zealous lefty.

Thanks for the link, Peakah! Very, very scary stuff in our schools. I taught school for years, and agree with myrna. Teachers like this guy in Colorado, and pushes like the one here in The People's Republic of Illinois don't help gain respect, that's for sure!

Sheeesh Peakah tell em all to yankkkkkkk their kids outta publik skool b4 its too late..they indocrinate buddy..not educate..argg!

Reason #765492 to take your kids out of public school!!

From a parent's perspective I really don't want anyone but myself teaching my child about sex.
As a woman, I think if the dumb @ss can't get the condom on without a sex ed class then maybe not worth my time anyhow, but I wouldn't say that to a child. That's under 16. And not mine. *g*

Oh yeah, thanks for the linky-love!

Where's CUG's Impaling Pole when you need it?

Stopped by earlier and the comment box never did make it up. Thanks for the information in this post.

It was really hard working with the school system when my son was in school. Used to have a book about the "NEA - The Trojan Horse" - but one of the guys at church in Germany never gave it back.

I am extremely glad that I no longer have to "deal" with the doubtful education system. Worked with the school - established an entire "bookfair" while working full-time in D.C. - appointed as Student Advisor in Germany - Secretary in an elementary school in Germany (quit when no one seemed to care when a child came up missing) - nothing helped.

Actually seemed that the more you become involved - the worse things get.

I was trying to address the situation in Colorado only. I dont have the details on the other items you mention. Think about it as a new teacher. The same thing could happen to you. A student and their family could decide that they dont like what you are teaching or how you're teaching it. And they could make recordings and give them to a local radio station and then you could be subject to 100s of death threats. Is that any way to handle this situation? It seems really immature and disrepectful to me. There are better ways to handle such matters that treat all parties involved with respect.

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