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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Hump Day Humor

Ok so Ssssteve is layin a guilt trip on me for having too much fun with Tiger Woods '06 and not posting enough. So in the lazy spirit of my last two posts, I'll just pass along some funny linkage.

Oh, and can someone please explain what the freak 'Hump Day' is exactly? Cuz it sure doesn't seem to manifest itself as advertised...

No one finds the funniest links quite like my Texan Rooster Cashews... if you haven't been there, do some exploring, he finds some crazy stuff.

Terresa over at NoisyRoom.net got me laughing at the krauts this morning with this post... Un-pimp your auto... Vee Dub style.

Next is my man Ssssteve, Mr. First with Flair...
He explains how you know you're living in the year 2006.

Dr. Phat Tony has the knife dangling dangerously close to Jill's throat... What's that? $15,993 left to go? Uhh, good luck with that... I'll send ya a 5'er to chip in for the Cattleman's BBQ sauce to baste that tender sweet lil beauty in.

Now that there are no more Olympic beauties to post about, or hockey matches to get spanked in... What's Wyatt going to be up to next? Hopefully crackin the skulls of some Philly criminals and interrogating them Jack Bauer style to get leads on Philly's star pimps.

Speaking of Jack Bauer, Jimmyb posts some 24 Fun Facts!

Meanwhile my mentor Insolublog roasts the lefties as they prepare to bamboozle us idiot voters this fall... Man does election time get better and better every season or what!

A while back Tyler at 45 Caliber Justice had this post exploring whether or not Hell is exothermic or endothermic... hell would have frozen over long before I could have figured it out.

How's that for lazy?

Ya, it's all fun and games until some one loses their goat.

Thanks for the link. I'm really trying to get this thing off the ground.

Wheeew! I had to mainline that one!!! Oooh see the pretty colors!!! Hey thanks for the linky love!! Your awesome!!

We should have a contest to pick the slowest poster--so far, you and Ssssteve seem to be a tie!

Tiger Woods 2006 - Get back to work! What does Ssssteve know! ;-D

DPT: Best of luck to ya... Send me a hoof or sumthin would ya? (in best Ice Cube's Dad's voice from 'Friday'-- "I like goat feet!")

Ssss: glad I could hook a'bruddah up!

linda: hey, if I could make money doing this I would do it much more... instead my job doubled (possibly tripled) my work load and cut my pay in half...

chrys: Hey, I got'a rep to keep up in the online version of Tiger Woods '06! (I've achieved a ranking in the top fifty baby!) ...how do I make money doing that!! That's my true calling.

Sorry about the pay cut--that smarts! But you gave video game as reason you were not posting! I hope Your pay will catch up with your workload! That is what makes me nuts about celebrities and athletes getting far too much money for nothing! Totally wrong!

Linda: I can't complain too much, I was being paid way too much when you consider that Haji in India would be able to do what I do for pennies on the dollar... so my boss tells me.

Hey, celebs and athletes earn what they make if the free market is allowed to work it's will... those would be difficult jobs to outsource to India... at least yet.

I'm trying not to be nosey, but are you working in a sweat shop?
And please tell me you're being sarcastic about the celebs!


Naa, doin some grunt computer work... my wife makes sales calls to make up for my halved income.

Sarcastic!?! ME??!! C'mon... Shirley you can't be serious...

Ok, Celebs may be overpaid for reading lines but as far as athletes go, more power to them... they've earned it!

Hey! I have planty to post about. For example, today I write how Stephen A. Smith is a racist son of a bitch!

Once again, thanks for the link, brother!
I am just getting back from another killer week.

Keep up the good work
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