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Saturday, June 24, 2006 

Yeah yeah yeah... it's been ages...

Well the Arena Bowl was a total blast... the kids were really impressed!

Hey, I had fun... Perhaps they've been put to sleep by my lack of posting lately...

I gotta tell ya, I have no blog motivation anymore. There are so many other things going on that I just don't have the time to devote to my site to keep it interesting.

At least not the time like I did when I worked out of my home office on a full time basis and was able to get away with blowing hours of the workday surfing fellow blogger's sites and ranting and raving away on my own.

I still cruise through my blogroll occasionally and have my buds that I enjoy checking in with on a pretty continuous basis... you know who you are...

When my need to vent political rants exceed my ability to keep my mouth shut, I'll shout out now and then.

Unfortunately it seems as if a nasty form of blogger's block has taken over my being and has yet to let go... besides, those in my blogroll to the right are far better reads than this place anyhow (at least for the time being *wink*).

On with the summer festivities and barbeque action! Which means it's time for me to perfect the future award winning barbeque ribs I'll be someday be famous for.

Peaks, Hey any little bit is good! See ya around Brah!

Enjoy your life... Post when it makes sense... But please, don't be a stranger.

You're safe! You left Daily and moved to Sunday at my "house!" Great family shot! Now go back to work! ;-D

Slacker. We all know you're in deep depression from the Sabres. Heh.

Get back when you get back. We'll be here.

You'll miss it soon enoug. Will be waiting :-)

Looks like good times!

I just have to wait for your political wisdom.

Just stopped in to say hello!! I haven't heard from you in like FOREVER!! ;)

I haven't been around the blogosphere much either; I've been working 13 hour shifts!!

Hope all is well with you and the family; stop by when you get a chance.

Stay Safe & God Bless!!

Two tips on the rib, err, tip: 1.) Slow and low 2.) Beer

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