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Sunday, July 24, 2005 

Israelis On Verge of War with Their Own

I can't claim to know a lot about the different pressures being applied to the situation but this is no doubt disturbing.

Israeli commandos are on the verge of warring with their own as they attempt to clear out Jewish settlements on the Gaza Strip to make way for a Palestinian territory. This is quite the disturbing method if you ask me... as it is for the commandos as well.

Apparently Jews are going to be persona non grata in this new Palestinian territory as they are in the new Iraq! Doesn't anyone equate this with at least a little bit o'racism? Or are we on the verge of reliving the 1930's all over again?
Israeli troops ready to open fire on settlers
Uzi Mahnaimi, Tel Aviv

ISRAELI special forces are prepared to shoot to kill Jewish settlers if they come under fire during next month’s evacuation of 22 settlements in the Gaza Strip.
Members of Israel’s feared Duvdevan (Cherry) commando unit, who have concentrated on hunting Palestinian militants on the West Bank, are training for the evacuation at a dummy settlement in a remote desert location.

The commandos, who have killed hundreds of Palestinian militants over the years, are now being told to be ready to open fire on Israelis — but only in response to an attack on fellow soldiers.

“First our commanders asked if any of us thought he could not take part in the disengagement of Gaza,” one of the members of the unit said last week. “Obviously nobody refused as we are volunteers, but I must admit that while we were happy to kill the bastards in the West Bank, we hope to be unemployed in August.”

Under plans for the pull-out, details of which have been obtained by The Sunday Times, every house in the 22 settlements marked for evacuation will be approached by a team of army and police officers. A warrant will be presented to its inhabitants, who will then be asked to evacuate the building immediately.

“We strongly believe that the majority of the families will obey the warrant and leave their houses at once,” said one security source. “Those who refuse to do so will be removed forcibly by the police to a nearby bus to take them out of Gaza.”

Although the overwhelming majority of the settlers are expected to comply, security sources believe that a hard core of about 200 could attempt serious violence, requiring the intervention of the commandos.
Just imagine if Janet Reno was in charge of this operation. The Gaza Strip would already be ablaze...

I don't see this working out well in the long run for either side of this equation.

How horrible would it be to be a commonado and have to shoot one of our own countrymen. The world is mad I tell ya.

Stupid typo I meant commando.

yeah, janet reno...she's the one who met kim jong-il, and described him as "charming"..i saw it on a discovery times special!

Off of the top of my head I have the feeling you're talking about Madame Albright the Secretary of State under Clinton.

I don't think the Attorney General Janet Reno would have had any business in N. Korea but if you are in fact correct then Reno was more dangerous than I gave her credit for!

Yikes... did we dodge a bullet with the Clinton Cronies!

oh shit, you're right, i'm sorry! i remember her now cuz she was the sec of state that looked like a grandma bringing a plate of homemade cookies to kim!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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