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Saturday, September 17, 2005 

Partying with Pagans

I'm a fan of WorldNetDaily for breaking controversial news with a Christian perspective...

Sometimes a story rolls through that site that is just retarded. Prime example;

Christians pray to counter 'Pagan Pride Day'
Christians in San Diego are being summoned for "emergency" prayer and fasting to counter the "Pagan Pride" event scheduled for today in the seaside city.
Now what exactly is so dangerous about these people?

Wouldn't serious Christians reserve their 'emergency' prayers for more critical causes?

I mean, c'mon... there are causes, and there are stupid reasons for people to throw a shindig in a local park where they can spray paint on their bedsheets, jam out on their bongos, pimp their schwag(not to be confused with DPT swag), and dress up in costumes that tend to reside in the attic chest until Halloween season. So they get a couple extra opportunities to don their garb... so what?

Look at the bright side, you may get a glimpse of a merry Carrie the green grass fairy giving thanks for the green stuff, or is hairy Jerry the wreath making fairy too abominable for God's eyes? They really can't be all that evil can they?

Christians who make a big deal out of this are a wee bit too funda-mental.
How dangerous can they really be?

As long as they aren't writing, passing, enforcing or judging the Constitutionality of legislation, let 'em do anything they want!

I think it's safe to say that no elections are going to be won by any of these... uhhh... folks...

Could you imagine their party platform?

Not much of a platform. But what a party!

It ain't a paaartay w/o tha flowah crown!

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They're anti-swaggests...
For lack of a clean name.
(just kidding, clean is all I know)
0 :-]

I mean anti-Schwagests...
(not to be confused with DPT Swag.) (^_^)

I think those people might have been lacking friends in Highschool. they look like the people that sat by themselves on the other side of the "quad", lunchroom, gymn and so forth.

They should chill for a while.

Dang, that's one hideous photo. Oo

> sat by themselves
Well, if they didn't fill up their seats, they're sure doing it now (*,,,,*)
PHOTO: Anyone else could sue a photog for that..(might just be her best look ;)

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