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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Uttering a forged instrument?

Ok, cruising the news stories I was impressed with this headline:
Man 27, Poses as High School Student to Learn English.
I'm thinkin, here's a real go-getter! He's going to get out there any way he can to learn English so he can obviously better himself and his family. Somewhat inspirational no?

Ok, not really, there's plenty of other ways to learn English... but this isn't what made me post this story... Here is the lead paragraph, you can check for yourself because at the moment I'm feeling pretty dumb.
TRINITY, Fla. -- A 27-year-old Guatemalan man arrested for posing as an 18-year-old Pasco County high school student told authorities he enrolled because he wanted to learn English and get a good education.

Josue Oswaldo Ramirez-Mejia was arrested Tuesday and charged with uttering a forged instrument. He was being held on $5,000 bail.
Are there any lawyers in the house? Perhaps one of those that I challenged at an earlier time and place?

I'm truly stumped, what exactly is being charged with 'uttering a forged instrument.'

Sounds like this local6.com writer needs to brush up on the ole high school English herself.
Ramirez-Mejia used forged documents, including a Guatemalan birth certificate stating his birthday as Jan. 3, 1987, to enroll last month at J.W. Mitchell High School, officials said.
Ahh, 'uttering forged instruments' = 'used forged documents'

Hey, if Dan Rather can get away with it why can't this guy learn a little English?
Someone also posed as his guardian, according to the sheriff's office.

"Everything seemed to be in place," said Jim Davis, an assistant superintendent with the school district.

Ramirez-Mejia was a good student and hadn't caused any problems, Davis said.

Officials learned Ramirez-Mejia's real age Tuesday after he lost his wallet during a physical education class.
How awful would that be, being 27 and in PE with a bunch of dopey 18 year olds!
The FBI told sheriff's investigators that Ramirez-Mejia entered the United States illegally after being denied entry.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has begun deportment proceedings, Tampa-based spokeswoman Pam McCullough said.
Doh, case closed... ya gotta get here legally me amigo... sure am impressed by the effort tho!

Better luck next time... what a story.

A lot of schools offer classes in the evening for ADULTS, such as English, obtaining a G.E.D., etc.

It wouldn't have mattered for him anyway. If you aren't legal here in the US, get the hell out!

BTW, being 27 and enrolling in high school - I think he was a perv!!!

I know... who else would willing put themselves in high school at 27 but a perv... losing his pants, err, wallet at PE may lend evidence to your arguement!

What a great place to chase tail while learning Engrish! (yeah, I wrote Engrish)

1) the poor guy just probably wanted to learn English so he could have better job prospects in your country. Fair enough, he was illegal, but at least he wasn't out stealing your cars or possessions! I DOUBT very much he was a perv...

2) The term 'Engrish' is generally used in conjunction with Chinese/English bad translations.

3) He wouldn't have needed to learn English anyway. Americans have bastardizsed (yes, thats with an 's') the English language since you adopted it as your mother tongue so I'm sure one more person talking shite in your country wouldn't have made a difference.

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