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Sunday, January 29, 2006 

For Bloggin' Outloud!?!

For some strange reason (yeah the check is in the mail) my site was nominated for Bloggin' Outloud's January's Best Political Blogs.

Hey, I'm game... but if I'm going through this contest watch... I'm going to nominate my favorites as well to spread the love! You know who you are...

Go check it out and get involved, Lyn has really made Bloggin Outloud a great community site!

Oh hey, submit stuff to the Bonfire of the Vanities tonight... and especially next week for I am going to host it next week. I'd better see all of you there!

How ever you got there - guess someone had/has good taste!

Your check from me is in the mail. It's really only a coupon for 10% off laser hair removal, but it's the thought that counts.

Seriously, Thank you. You honor me more than I deserve.


Misery loves company brah, I figured I'd throw a few of ya under the bus with me!

Ah Ha - now what! ;-D Thanks - I think? Ouch - must have been the rear tire rolling over my stomach!

Hey man - or should I say "brothah from anotha mothah" (I just noticed the sidebar-heh) - much love for the nomination! I really appreciate it. So as not to disappoint, I've put up some more bloggy goodness at The Politics of CP just for you...ok, for everybody else too. Keep keepin' it real Peak!

LMAO!! You and a few others have my vote!!

Don't ask me how that came up anonymous... ;)

Darn, I Just found out I can only vote for ONE...

At least your vote is secured; your blog is the only one listed that I visit on a daily basis.

Thanks Peakah, I appreciate the nod.

Good to see ya commentin PCP (yikes) I mean PoliticalCP,

DMaria: well, I guess I got this thing wrapped up then... I'll just send you out to sabotage the other sites in my category

CP: you bet bro, Love your posts, like chattin over the paper and a few beers.

Thanks for the nomination,Peakah!
You rock!

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