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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 

Jill Carroll Kidnapped

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- An American journalist's kidnappers threatened to kill her unless the United States releases all female Iraqi prisoners within 72 hours, the Arabic-language TV network Al-Jazeera said after it aired a video showing her Tuesday.
Euphoricreality put it best:
Is anyone asking the question I’m thinking? Why would these animals give a rat’s rectum about female prisoners? Are they suddenly concerned with how women are treated? I doubt it. It’s probably just that they’re sick of getting their fellatio from each other.
My bud Michael Fitch wrote:
On a side note, I would like to say that I am as proud as a father on his daughter's wedding day to finally be recognized as a propagandist. It brings a tear of joy to my eyes.

As opposed, of course, to Al-Jazeera, which would not disclose their source of the video. Perhaps if Al-Jazeera actually, you know, CARED about their fellow humans, they would keep track of that sort of thing, and provide information for a rescue operation.

A logo on the corner of a still photo of the video read, "The Revenge Brigade." According to AP, "The group was not known from previous claims of responsibility of violence in Iraq."

You don't say. Does it ever occur to these idiots that they just make up new names for themselves as they go along, to leave the impression that there are more and more terrorist groups everyday? Did anyone ever notice that some new unheard of group remains unheard of afterward and a "new" group with a new name shows up? Just an observation.
...and a good one at that... Have you ever heard of "Brigades of Vengeance." Me neither...

Mental Mayhem expresses how she feels when she saw the video:
I just finished watching the heart-wrenching video on Aljazeera. My dear Jill looked extremely tired but somehow better than I expected. She looked like she hadn't been sleeping. I'm going crazy here but still praying and hoping for her quick release. I'm hoping that the kidnappers still have some mercy left them so they can release this innocent young woman, who is but a pawn in the current political mayhem.
We all are Natasha... we all are.

Michelle Malkin admits that "It doesn't look good"

The Jawa Report has the usual comprehensive breakdown...

Our prayers are with you Jill.
(and hopefully so will our Special Forces)

See also: The Moderate Voice, Pyjamas Media

I can't imagine how terrified she is. Certainly hope she's found or released soon.

You have to wonder about animals who say: "We respect women. So, release all the women you have in custody or we'll kill this one (Jill)."

As far as being let go, it's unlikely. The group holding her has killed (two I think) other women when their demands were not met.

/Thinking a glass parking lot from Pakistan to Senegal looks better every day.

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