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Saturday, January 14, 2006 

Switcheroo/Open Post

In the interest of quicker loading time I had to change my template around some. No offense Jaden, I loved the Irish Bar theme it was just that it took so darn long to load that it became impractical.

So there is just a wee bit o'toning it down for now.

With the BloggingMan 2007 event coming up, and a decent number of people visiting me each day, it seems like the right thing to do.

Let me know what you think...

I figure it's time I pull my weight with my membership in the Open Trackback Alliance and Open Trackback Provider Blogroll so I'm making this an Open Post.

Put a link to this post and send me a trackback and I'll list your posts below. For those of you who have emailed me about how to do trackbacks (and I apologize for putting you off) Check This Out.

Hey, while I'm thinking of it, go here and ask me asanine questions for my upcoming Blogger Interview with Basil.

Here's a list of other sites providing Open Trackback Parties this weekend:
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Point Five
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Basil's Blog
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Link away folks...
Trackback for this post is:

Freedom Folks linked with: The Upside of Hate
As a Christian I find this question instructive. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting you run around and start hating things cuz' ole Jake said it was okay. But we all hate something, maybe more than one something. And sometimes that's a good thing.
TMH's Bacon Bits linked with: Honor Thy Teddy: A Kennedy Retrospective
A few days ago, I presented an open trackback post requesting the best of your Ted Kennedy writings. The response was great. Here I present a roundup of some fine thoughts on His Bloatedness, the Humongous Senator from Massachusetts.
Tidbits And Treasures linked with: A Case Of Mistaken Identity?
When you have a deceased loved one in a funeral home, and go for the viewing, you expect to find the right person. Well, that's not what happened at Spry Funeral Home in Huntsville recently.
Stuck on Stupid linked with: Paws For Patriots
Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. is launching Paws for Patriots to provide guide dogs to 30 military veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who became vision-impaired or disabled during their service.
Tel-Chai Nation linked with: Successful Likud primary for Knesset list presents
The Likud held its party primaries for the Knesset list Thursday night, and you could say that opponents of the expulsion are the leading victors, led by a fresh newcomer, Moshe Kahlon.
A Blog for All linked with: Highway to Hell
Iran's mad mullahs and their rabid mouthpiece Ahmadinejad are definitely seeking to grease the skids and make sure that we're on the highway to hell.

I didn't want to say anything 'cause it did look cool but it did take a long time to load, so I sometimes skipped you! This isn't quite as artistic, but it loaded right away, and I have dial-up!

Yeah, there were too many people telling me that my page took too long to load.

When I figure out a way to make the old page quicker I may bring it back.

Thanks for the feedback Linda!

I dig the new look!

And it loads super fast!


Dang Peak - Looking professional - where's the "beer keg" stored now! I like the look - but it doesn't remind me of a Pub - ah - I know - the only thing close to a pub that looks like this is Friday's or maybe Damons?! Change is good! I truly think that the "slow" feature comes from Blogger more than from Peakah's design!

I think it looks good. Definitly took me by surprise.

Thanks Anon...

Jay: this is all your fault bro... that's what I get for hangin with ya in the chat room Friday night eh? You telling me how long it takes my page to load and then everyone else jumpin on me...

chrys: a good friend is playing around with the old template and I'll bring it back here and there... your site seems different every time I visit! All of them are Amazing too!

CP: thanks man, it still suprises me too when I open it up...

I thought I was lost! I miss the old template, but this is waaaaaay faster.

I have DSL, but it did take a minute to load. Its much quicker and better for your dial-up and slower DSL readers. ;)

I have the fastest connection Cox Communications out here in the desert can provide and it was taking me too long to load! So I could only imagine how much longer it was taking the dial ups!

Thanks for noticing my "changing world!" Take your pick on the sidebar. I need to "play" while I try to get over what Kevin calls LBS (Lazy Blogger Syndrome)

Sounds like a .jpg move on the "pub" over here for speed. This layout reads really smooth. The writing is the best part either way! Changed "link" heading from "pub" to "provocations!"

Thanks chrys!

I like it alot. Loads faster, more pretty. Easy to navigate. :-) All that's missing are more links to me. lol, Good job, Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud

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