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Saturday, January 14, 2006 

BloggingMan 2007

It's in the works people! The Ultimate Convention of Conservative Minded Political Bloggers is happening in Reno, Nevada- October 18th, 19th, and 20th 2007! While the site doesn't officially go live until Monday, the time to start buzzing about it is now.

Check out the Home Page where a list of speakers is developing...

So far speakers who've already agreed to appear are:
On Friday night:
Chris Adamo
Peter and Helen Evans
John Armor- from ChronWatch

And on Saturday:
Richard Disney- Running for Nevada State Assembly 26!
Pamela aka "Atlas"- of Atlas Shrugs
Sharon Hughes
Jay Stephenson- of one of my favorite sites: Stop the ACLU

Possible Keynote Speakers:
Hugh Hewitt
Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh? (we're counting on you Justin!)

Perhaps even Evil Glenn will make an appearance!

See the evolving list as it grows with full bios of all the speakers HERE!

The Agenda for the weekend as it develops is HERE.

This is something you want to be involved in- Get your site on the "Wall of Blogs" who are sponsoring this event! Do so soon for this space will fill up quickly!

I hope to see all of you who check in with me there!
Make your plans NOW, get in touch with these fellas if you have any questions.

Matthew at Liberty Just in Case is head of Blogger Relations... and will get a big ole noogie from me when I see him up there!

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Thanks Peakah!

I went ahead and popped this post into Battle Born News as well.

Eric Odom

Thanks Eric... you've done an incredible job! I don't know where you find all the time to do what you do...

Excellent, love it!
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