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Sunday, January 29, 2006 

Sunday Jammin

I feel like jammin...

One of my favorite artists Jack Johnson is doing the soundtrack for the Curious George movie coming out.

I was a huge fan of the Curious George books as a kid and remember that series of books being among the first to be checked out of my local library when I was a wee lad in my small upstate NY town.

The anticipation of seeing if a new installment of Curious George was available to check out for a week was my weekend thrill...

...but I digress...

Let us jam cuz it's Sunday and I'm dreaming of Hawaii again and JJ's tunes always take me back.

Hit up this link and click on the View Bonus Videos link at the bottom of the page and check out the new song...

I love the deliciously fattening Hawaii flavor...

If your in the linking mood,
Consider this an Open Post of the OTA variety...

Posts will be added as they come in...
Leave a little reading material to go with the Sunday Jams...

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Trackin Back to lil ole me...

Freedom Folks with The Battle!
This church in Waukegan Illinois was ground zero in the fight against illegal immigration today. Waukegan recently began enforcing the law, which was a refreshing change of pace, in specific they were citing anyone caught driving without a license or insurance.
Awesome job jakejacobsen! Do go check out this post! Front line action like The GunnNutt... another post you need to read!

The Mary Hunter sends me When Jesus Returns, Boy Oh Boy...
Suing a Roman Catholic priest over Jesus? I find it both brilliant and absurd that such a lawsuit could actually take place in a western democracy.
and then he sends a heartfelt plea to the Democratic leadership: Please Democrats, Please Filibuster!
These narcissistic elites clearly choose to thwart the will of the people, by obstructing this honorable, over-qualified man, out of sheer desperation.

Josh- You really turned me on to Jack Johnson. I have been listening to him and a group called HEM a lot of late... Something about his music that soothes the soul. I have you to thank for bringing Mr. Johnson to my attention... and for providing me some peace (or a piece---you decide) of mind.


Yeah I find that mellow Hawaiian rhythm and lofty lyrics sound as good as new each time I listen to his stuff.

I'll probably get slammed by someone who thinks he's a lefty or something cuz he is very involved at the grassroots in improving our environmental situations... at least he does so without nutty political activism...

Anyway, thanks for the feedback Cathy!

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