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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

I hwuut my fin-guhh...

Hey you ungrateful little, see if I make you egg sandwiches again!

Huh? You what?

"I hav an owwie on my fin-guhh"

Ok, hold on a sec Wease, lemme grab my camera so we can show mommy the owwie.


Here we go bud, show me that owwie!

(I hope grandma isn't reading this- I'm going to be in huge trouble!)

Further investigation finds that he bit his finger while gobbling down his bacon. Yeah that's right- MMMMMmmmm Bacon...

When he is eating something he really likes (bacon? DUH) he tends to roll his eyes back in his head... a Bacorgasm if you will. Well, he apparently lost track of one of his digits and took a chomp...

That's my boy!

Blame it on the owie. Clever kid.

I'm constantly hurting my finger. Good thing you got a picture for proof.

It looks like you have some pure presidential material, in that boy, Josh.


Daddy is a bad boy!

DPT: learned from the best

tommy: otherwise it would've been my word vs his... we all know who would'a won that!

Insol: that's a scary thought!

linda: yup, I'm trying to convince my wife that I'm in need of a spanking...

I think you need a time-out!

time out with my wife that is!

hahahah! funny funny.

Another senseless bacon-related accident.
When will we learn?

What did "Momma" say about the taker of the "owwie" picture?! ;-D

Hey Gram - over here!

Son's probably thinking - Gee - they really care - look at all the attention I'm getting for this owwie thing. "(other child's name here) didn't get half as much attention when they needed stitches" Now - "maaaybe if I break a leg or arm - hmmmm?"

Reason to teach "Real World" gestures and words and add the line "shows a lack of being intelligent enough to do/say better" line some place. ;-D

Makes me wish I had more children.

If you made me an egg sandwich, I'd give you the finger too!! Funny stuff Peak!

Just think, when he's a teen you won't even have to trick him - he'll do it anyway! lol
Very cute.

mmmm, bacon.

Still better than the time my son let the toilet seat hit "something" and asked grandpa to kiss his owie :)

I was asked to kiss an owwie by one of my boys after a particularly difficult episode on the potty...


I'm never offering to kiss my kids' owies now. Thanks for the heads-up!

Josh! How could you?!

BTW, he is too precious.

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