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Thursday, May 11, 2006 

What a Whirlwind

...the past couple of weeks have been!

As Dr Phat Tony puts it, I’ve been extremely busy doing a job that illegal aliens won’t do...

Continuing my old job, learning a new one as an Accounts Manager for a national Sales and Lease company here in town, finishing up of my sons' baseball season, and having them keep up on their homework, not to mention the million of other routine things that just have to be done to keep life in order, has kept me running like Osama through the tunnels of Tora Bora.

Today I finally am kicking back and taking a deep breath... PHEW!!

Thanks for the emails from you who have been wishing me luck and keeping up with me via that vehicle. It is nice to be loved and missed!

As a result of this insane schedule I've been unable to keep up with current news events but I have a hard time believing that I'm missing much-

I don't think I'm going to die of Bird Flu, illegal aliens are flooding the border at most likely the highest rates ever, the price of gas is rising, as is dismay with the Republican party.

I feel as powerless as ever to change any of this, thus my nosedive into real life... which is probably nothing more than the political calm before the storm of this year's election cycle sure to be more gory than a Tarantino flick as psychological warfare over the voter's mind is mercilessly waged.

Actually that sounds like fun! And great blogging material...

So I'll probably be lying a bit low till then... we'll see.

*closing eyes and clicking heels*
"There's no place like home...
there's no place like home..."

Peak, Sit back and pour yourself a Cold one Brah!!! Have fun!!

Sounds like a plan!!

Warm weather, a lake, and a boat sound like the ideal plan to me.

Here's your world news update:

1. Democrats are still clueless.

2. The media is full of leftist idiots.

3. Barry Bonds is about to tie The Babe . . . and I an PISSED!

That is all.

Could lead to some good posting material - dirty baseball socks in the school bags would be better still! Hope the ball season went well for your off-spring! Now sit still and breath deeply at least 100 breaths - that's an order!

SeanS: Amen!

WE: *laugh* I needed that...

chrys: 100 deep breaths and I'll be in lala land! Playoffs start Wednesday night against the Cubbies... We're a longshot... it'll be fun tho!

So, isn't that doing the two jobs criminal alien invaders won't do?

Nice to see you back Peakah.


Whoa! Just had a vision of you in ruby slippers. Scary.... ;)

People sent you email saying they missed you?!!! All I got was spam when I didn't post for a week.

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