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Friday, June 30, 2006 

Future road trip...

I've been inspired by the recent blogger get-together performed by three of my favorite site writers.

Sssteve, Wyatt, and Fitch bumped heads in Philly recently.

Trips like this remind me of mindless roadtrips taken at the drop of a hat when we'd drive for hours to go to a college several hours away just to check out a tip recieved from a sister's ex-roomate's cousin who knew a girl who was in a sorority that had open bar that night... only to make them regret FOREVER that they threw a party with OPEN BAR...

Oh wait... let us fast-forward about 15 years... (disregard the Beastie Boys mixed tape I'm currently playing to put all this into context... NO SLEEP TILL...)

If I was to have my dream road trip it'd go like this:

I'd head south to Albu-cracky, New Mexico just to witness firsthand COPS episodes that would be taping on the spot... oh, and to pay homage to the area that bore all of my children...

no, there's no correlation there... shadd-up.

From there I'd travel I-40 East, and eventually make an ill-advised turn south to Alabama where I'd stop and have a beer with tha Doc, TylerD, and their family... perhaps I'd find my own relatives in that whacked area...

From there I'd hit up my Cuz on the gulf coast of Florida to either do some alligator dodging, or to help him batten down the hatches when the hurricanes hit...

...perhaps I'd skip Florida...

I'd definatelly hit Charlotte, NC where my dad and I can do some helmet-less motorcycle cruising where we'd probably end up like Roethlisberger...

While visiting one of my favorite braindead QBs in the psyche ward, I could swing by Philly and catch up with one of my favorite bloggers... a certain 'sharp shooter'. (Where I would know that if I had a side by side picture, I'd look a lot lighter than I actually am!)

Hmmm... this could really enhance my image... although if I were shooting for an I'm actually a midget look, I'd be the perfect candidate to stand next to Ssssteve in a photograph!

Ok, I'm really going nowhere with this... Give me a shout out where you're at, and why my beautiful wife (who has no idea what exactly she got herself into)- I- and my 5 kids should infiltrate your neck of the woods...

If you offer shelter and sugar you can rest assured that we'll eventually show up...

...hmmm... this could really make for an interesting summer road trip!!!

Wherever you plan go, you will need a good cell phone and GPS system. Now, you can have the best of both worlds.

Where Am I? Don't Fear your cell is here !


What everyone needs to do is drive to Vegas and meet up there. I'm sure no one could complain.

Vegas is a long trip. Me and the wife have been looking at going out there for a few days but flying is expensive and driving is crazy.

Anytime you're in tow peak let me know, and I'll show you there is little to do here.

If you like football - the Football Hall of Fame is practically next door - a car museum, First Ladies Museum - and strange sleeping areas - but free.

Your direction is a better bet - noticed everyone else thinks so also! Had planned on visiting Las Vegas so that my son could meet me there for an un pressured visit.

HEY - your current jailers (new employment) wouldn't let you "road trip" anyway.

My best road trip was an all nighter to Canada. Grabbed my best friend (no plans) and just started driving. Slept in a friends driveway because it was the middle of the night when we made it to Keene, Ontario - 70 miles northeast of Toronto. Shoot - 30 years ago! Plenty of road travel with plenty of people here, Korea and Germany. Never quite as good. It's about time for another one! ;-D

Hey, I'd better find out if any of you wind up helping Steve Winn pay for his hotels! Hey, I'll pick up any bar-tab that I'm included in!!

BlogingMan 2007 is less than a year and a half away... I'd better see at least a few of ya there in Reno!!

"Where I would know that if I had a side by side picture, I'd look a lot lighter than I actually am!"

Oh, that's real nice!

You can all come here for a trip to Atlantic City. It's just like Vegas, except for the raw sewage and semen smell. You get used to it.

Ok, my comment was a bit below the belt... meanwhile my tummy continues to grow over top of my belt... At least that's something I own that's paid for...

MMMmmmm raw sewage and semen...

Sounds kinda like a San Francisco Treat...

I agree with Tyler, There are too many hippies up here to have too much fun. but we could go skiing and snow tubing in the winter, Go to the lake or ocean in the summer, Sand dunes on the coast, And golfing galore!

btw, thanks for the linky love!

Oooo, you just gotta visit the NC beach! Of course I don't live on the beach or have a beach home (yet) so you'd have to get a room (and share with me lol). Hey, I babysit...*wink*

Hope you guys are having a fabulous fourth.

Peaks! Have a great 4th! brah!!

don't forget ohiya!
You're always welcome here.

Come get some chowdah up here in the Boston area. We will shoo off all the moonbats.

Hank Williams III did a song about Jessco White - the video on PhatTony's site...

Hey Peakah, even your dad has to wear his helmet in Charlotte while on the bike. Of course, SC ain't far away and he rides without a helmet there. Just don't get on the back of his bike with him, last time I did, he ran a red light at about 40mph. Thankfully, the pickup coming from the right saw us and slowed down. I still just about required fresh underwear after the episode.

Dude, I thought you had disappeared or something.

Why don't y'all come on down to Louisiana. Eat some boiled crawfish, fried froglegs, jambalaya, and boudin. If you like to fish, this is the place.

FYI - I went to Orlando last year for some training, and while at Universal City Walk a guy actually said this to me: "You guys from Louisiana pound beers like nobody I ever seen!"

That made me proud. If you like getting drunk, eating, and fishing, this is the place to be. Just make sure you grow some gills so you can breath in this humidity.

I believe I owe you a beer. And if the family is with you, I will spring for dinner too. Come to Dallas where it's 10 degrees cooler than Las Vegas!

Just HI - Are you promoted yet! ;-)

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