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Thursday, June 08, 2006 

I've got mail... yaaaaaaaaay

(a horrible reference to a Crank Yankers episode because I feel as if my crank is being severely yanked)

You'll never guess what I just got in the mail, my very own 2006 Republican Party Platinum Card!!

Dieter says: 'Now's the time on Sprockets when we dance!'

Despite my smart-a$$ answers to their written survey and the over the phone solicitation I received last summer (which they obviously did not document), I'm still considered among the 'very limited number of distinguished Americans' to receive such an honor.

I'm assuming that flashing this 2006 Republican Party Platinum Card as I cross our border will instantly make border guards back down and hit their knees in respect of El Presidente Jorge Buuuuuuuuuuush.

Someone's been some place too long?!

Gee, bitter much?

At least the President speaks Spanish because I get the feeling we're all going to have to learn very soon...

Platinum card, eh? Rollin' in high circles these days out there in Nevada - or "high cotton" as we say in the South. Heh, just kiddin'.

Yeah, I'm not sure how much advice the GOP has been taking to heart from "constituents" these days. More than a little frustrating.

Anyway, just wanted to stop in and say hello. Glad you're doing well my friend.

BTW, thanks for the Crank Yankers clip. I'd forgotten all about that one. Cracks me up.

So Peaks, How much do you have to give to the party to get a "Platnium" card?! You big spender you!! Ha

chrys: yeah, the Republican Party... a newly registered Independent I am...

Damian: Yeah a wee bit bitter, the only spanish I know are swear words... that'll probably suffice.

PCP: Oh no, I'm not rollin at all, just got on the wrong mailing list. Crank Yankers cracks me up... I just had to include that link...

Ssss: from now on? None... that is until they represent me, otherwise it's wasted moula...

Did they send a brown shirt with it? I have been waiting for mine for a long time. I've been assured by a lot of lefties that I am one, so it's only logical that I will recieve mine soon.

I believe Dieter also said, "Would you like to touch my monkey?"...

I also loved Crank Yankers... what a nasty little show that was!

DPT: I have plenty of brown shirts from the military still, although the belly is a bit too small anymore...

Cathy: Buwaaahahahah...

that cracks me up.

I shredded my card...

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