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Thursday, August 24, 2006 

Nature Hikin'

Today was too beautiful a day to lock myself up inside on my day off...

So we headed north to Mount Charleston for the day. It was absolutely perfect up there.

The troops thoroughly enjoyed themselves... and I thoroughly enjoyed the charcoal barbecued beer brats.

It was a nice escape from 100 degree temperatures to the mid 70's.

The wind seemed to have a more powerful presence with its guttural groans through the canyons providing red tailed hawks powerful thermals to spiral up as they circled for prey. It sure would have been cool to see a hawk snag a rattler. Instead there was intense prey of the sausages by a particular fat white homo-sapien.

We were greeted at home by the moon over my-homey... mmmm... time for an egg sandwich...

What a cute bunch! I bet they slept like rocks, too. Give yourself a gold star!

The Troops! Great name for a large family and a great photo Josh! Best way to spend a day off - hiking - excellent choice.

linda: I know I slept like a baby!

chrys: nothing like some clean mountain air to cleanse the senses

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