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Thursday, August 31, 2006 

Waste of Alien Experience

OMG! The rumors of the UFO crash in Roswell in 1947 are true!

Feds Capture Aliens Illegally Working in Roswell

But who better to work on military aircraft??
Federal agents on Wednesday arrested 15 illegal aliens who were working in Roswell, New Mexico, for a local company that is under contract to paint US military aircraft, including Lockheed C-130 military aircraft. Some of the aliens were in the process of painting these aircraft when they were arrested.
In true oxymoronic form of the term 'military intelligence', these planetary travellers are doing nothing more than painting the aircraft! Unreal...

They might as well be sign swingers... there sure seems to be a high demand for them here in Vegas!

Or perhaps they can be wandering American streets with leaf blowers for crying out loud!

No, not this kind of leaf-blower you hockey hooligan!

State of Emergency indeed!

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Hey, wait a minute! I thought aliens were green not brown!!! The government has been lying again!!

btw, Big screen TV's, lease agreements, crack heads..... How could it not be a Aarons! HA

You got me there...

You should put a warning with that "leaf blower" picture.

Now I have coffee on me...

The "leaf blower" should get in touch with the Internet "Peter Pan" guy. They'd make a cute couple.... Well, a couple of something...


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