Monday, December 25, 2006 

Merry Christmas!

It was that day they all were waiting for!

It's Christmas Morning!

This moment gets more fun every year...

Whoa, Santa left us a letter!

...but the letter was only glanced at...

It's on to the tree!!

Chaos breaks out as paper is flung everywhere...

It was a fun and sweet morning.

Hope you all are having a Magical Christmas Day.

Friday, December 15, 2006 

What a Fun Week

Typical week in Sales and Lease retail-

A co-worker shows up all whacked out. A wee bit tough to work when sleepless for 4 days where the only 'nourishment' he received was crystal meth... beauty... guess I get to make deliveries and run the non-payments this week...

Visiting one of our wonderful non-paying customers who we've been visiting daily for the last couple of months because of his refusal to pay on the living room furniture he was leasing from us we pull up in our truck as he's chillin out front of his ghetto apartment.

He begins to rant and rave and my partner gets 911 on the phone. As soon as 911's dispatch pick up my partner begins explaining the situation. Our valued customer then screams that he's going to put his pistol in my partner's mouth and blow his head off loud enough for dispatch to hear. Not a brilliant move moron.

Approximately 1 minute later the cops scream down the street. (They had just completed a drug bust 2 blocks away and were already amped up) In no time there are 8 cop cars surrounding the shanty, some pointing assult rifles at the front door we were trying to pull the couches out of. Not so sure the cops were happy to see such 'persistent' collectors.

Hey, there's a reason my store has the lowest Charge-Offs in the Region.

Walked into my store one day and was swung at by a psychotic chick who we refused to deliver to because of sketchy information on her lease application. She claimed I told her to 'shut the F@*k up' while she was dropping F-bombs all over my store. In REALITY I was speaking on my cell phone with my wife and had those words escaped my lips while on the phone with my lovely wife- I would not be here today to relay these wonderful stories.

In other words, this psychotic chick was off her meds.

Upon review of the video tape we rewound and watched over and over again in all its hilarity as she swung and missed, the smirk on my face was priceless. I kinda wish she nailed me!

I visited another customer who requested a payment pickup because his truck was stolen. When I knocked on the door he cracked it open just a bit and his eye darted back and forth over my shoulder. Great, that's a good behavior.

He opens the door and waves us in quickly. Behind his back is what looked like a small chrome 38. He told me he was late because some guys were out to get him and they stole his truck and his tools and he's worried that they're going to shoot him next... lovely... 'Have a Merry Christmas' I said as I wrote up a receipt. He replies with the brilliant remark to be careful out there when he slams the door behind me.

Alrighty then.

Yes, this is just another day at the store...
...a store I'm going to be taking over in a couple of weeks as GM.

But the topper was when my Customer Accounts Mgr's 2 year old showed up at the end of a long day and hurled 2 lbs of macaroni and cheese on our showroom floor. SWEET!

Actually it was just the comic relief we needed because I laughed for a good hour, hurting my cheeks and stomach. To see a stream of hot chewed macaroni's in half digested cheese sauce projected for at least three feet was just the way we wanted to have our week end...

I love this job!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 

Have Uber Stalk You!

You have the opportunity to have Uber hide in the bushes of your front yard if (and I quote) "you're single, hot (and male)."

To have one of the most beautiful bloggers to have ever graced the keyboard stalk you, all you have to do is be the winner of her Christmas Contest!

If you're not competitively motivated, check out her Christmas recipes...

Have an Uber Christmas!

Monday, December 11, 2006 

Transcendental Evening!

We just spent this evening in a trance induced by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The inspirations behind this video that became a beer commercial last season...

If you haven't seen this group yet, GO SEE THEM!

(It may be a bit late seeing how they do a Christmas themed show, make sure you catch them next year)

It's Christmas music Rock Opera Style! How amazing...

Ok, one tip...
Don't sit 7 rows from the stage- The light show is incredible and I may have strobe stroke.

Well, 2 tips actually...
Request a seat change if the guy sitting next to you is 400 lbs and hasn't showered in who knows how long! Especially if the guy asks "How much did you pay for your seat anyway?"

I felt like asking him for $22.50 at the end of the show to pay for the half of the seat his phat azz took up- particularly just after having admitted in his veiled way that his tix were comped. (I fear for the buffet that whale attacked afterwards)

Thankfully the Spirit of the show gave me the strength to not say anything offensive.

It was unabashedly Christian in its message which I LOVED! It also seemed as if Eddie Van Halen, Alice Cooper, and Queen got together to create the Greatest Christmas Rock Opera ever performed...

Not to mention the absolute beauty they had jamming on the electric fiddle...

This is a show not to be missed!! I loved the timing of the Las Vegas show because it provided me a great Birthday present for my wife. Happy Birthday Baby... I love you!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006 

Fantasy Golf League

Over the 2006 PGA Golf season I played in a Fantasy Golf League on Yahoo! and had a blast trying to predict the winners of each weekend's PGA tournaments.

This year I'm creating my own League where I expect to see some of my bloggin buds flexing their fantastic muscles. You don't have to really know much about golf, just start Tiger Woods each week... how hard is that?

Anyway, if you're interested, and you know you are just for the cheap entertainment value-

Log into Yahoo, go to fantasy sports and create a team name for Fantasy Golf.

Then join my group: #3368
Password: peak

Any and all who read this are invited...
(My favorite Gunslinger has joined the fray!)

Maybe someday I'll actually have the time to play for real...

If that's not up your alley, take this Idiot Test and report your results here.

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