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Tuesday, December 12, 2006 

Have Uber Stalk You!

You have the opportunity to have Uber hide in the bushes of your front yard if (and I quote) "you're single, hot (and male)."

To have one of the most beautiful bloggers to have ever graced the keyboard stalk you, all you have to do is be the winner of her Christmas Contest!

If you're not competitively motivated, check out her Christmas recipes...

Have an Uber Christmas!


Thanks for entering...and the linky-love, always appreciated! :)


Always a pleasure!

...lovin the Irish Chocolate Cake!

I am proud to have Uber stalking my sidebar. She is, without a doubt, what an Uberlicious Christmas is all about.

the most beautiful bloggers to have ever graced the keyboard

No truer statement has ever been made. I agree wholeheartedly with you Peakah...and that beauty is inside and out.


Insol: well put

Faded: *nod*

Anon: wow, that was deep... thanks for the input.

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