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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Narcissism on a Roll...

I've nominated myself for two categories of the 2005 Weblog Awards. Hey, if I don't who will?

Because of Jaden Kale's awesome work I nominated my site for Best Blog Design.

I also nominated my site for Best of the 251-500 Blogs.

Get over there and nominate your blog for whatever you qualify for, this is what the Weblog Awards are for, exposure...

...no, that that kind of exposure DPT!
OMG, put that spotted dick away!!!

There's no "Best Mindnumbingly Dull Blog" category so I will not be nominated this year.

I figured I'd fake it...


Peakah, there is no need to deny it. You love the dick don't ya?

You know, with enough Brandy, the Dick sure looks tasty!

ROFL OMG... I can't believe you nominated the design for the awards!!! I am shocked!!! (currently hasn't been checking much online due to the fact I am back to dial up for the next day or two til I can get the cable bill paid for the month) I know I have told you this before Peakah but you know that list of link referers that you have at the very end of your link list expands the green band on the left side. If you want the site to look it's best for judging, I suggest you do something to make sure that doesn't expand (ie, just keep a link to those who link to your page or take it off for the awards to make it look the best)

I am so suprised. If you win you HAVE to let me know! I have my layout done so when I get cable internet back up, I will advertise your site has award-winning design (certainly will give me a boost in jobs)

You bet'cha! I also nominated Katey's and Your site as well for best design!

Jaden I hope you win with one of them because you deserve it. You've been so selfless and helpful! I know you're going through some hard times right now but with your attitude there's no doubt that you're going to eventually going to come out on top but I have a feeling that you've always known that.

Keep up the good work hon!

I agree that this is one of the most unique designs I've seen. I'll look for you when voting starts :)

Thanks Diane! That's awesome!

I just wanted to expose Jaden's awesome work more than anything else.

Hey Peakah...

Do you think I'll win the Weblog Award now that I have changed my layout??

tell me what you think of the new design.

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