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Monday, December 19, 2005 

Stand up and Salute!

This morning my dad sent me a link to an amazing and patriotic site that you want to take a few minutes and check out... click on picture to go there:

WOW!! Peakah, you must have a huge audience!! ;) I clicked on the link and this is what came up: "PatriotFilesAnnex.org Is Currently OFF LINE Due To Exceeding My Allotted
Daily Bandwidth Allowance ******** Please Try Back Tomorrow Sorry For Any Inconvience"

I'll have to check back tomorrow!!

Oh man! I hope I didn't crash his site! I only get 100-150 hits a day so I doubt I was responsible.

Definitelly check back because that is a site that you do not want to miss!

I've been emailing the owner of those sites and found out that he lives here in Las Vegas and is one classy guy.

Be sure to check back in to that site when you can, you'll be glad that you did.

Still down right now, too.
I'll check it tomorrow.

Please do!

I devoted a section of my sidebar to his other sites, check those out too!

Under the "Old Bluejacket's Patriotic Sites" header. He's very talented!

Man, great site. signed his guest book, told him I went through you.

I appreciate it!

Awesome site!! Thank you!!

I also listed you as the referrer.

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